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The lead in cigarettes is radioactive. It has a “half-life” of 20 years. This means it continues to be radioactive for a long time. So, if you stop smoking, the risk of cancer continues. On the facing page, there is a photograph of cancer cells.
This story is about Southern Kentucky, where the rules are sometimes made up on the fly. Mark Casey has been arrested for crimes he did not commit. Now the battle begins between Mark and the good ‘ol boys of Kentucky.
A long-standing tradition of the Kentucky Derby Day is hats! Hats and bonnetts abound on every well-groomed lady who attends this race.
Are you tired of the same butter and cream loaded stuff found in Indian restaurants? Here is Dakshin! An Indian restaurant with a difference for Kentuckians.
How much do you know about the American Final Four men's college basketball tournament? Take this trivia quiz and find out. The answers were accurate as of 2011.
A person’s life will be more meaningful only if he has a goal in life.
So far we've dealt with some of the politicians, prostitutes and police officers that are involved in Lexington's sex trafficking industry. I ran for city council in 2010 to bring attention to the corruption and government ties to the human trafficking industry. My campaign wound up ...
A few days after my most recent article, Politicians, prostitutes, priest and pedophiles: The Lexington Connection was published on it was referenced on another news site. A reader on that site pointed out an interesting fact. Googling Deborah Wardlaw only pulls up the ar...
Have you seen me? That is the question posed by the missing children ads on milk cartons and on the walls of the post office. Have you ever stopped, read one of those ads and wondered, "What happened to this child?" We know that some are taken by non-custodial parents and others by cr...
Kentucky becomes the latest state to reign in corrections costs by enacting sentencing reforms. Not to be outdone, a Texas county has gotten creative with drug sentencing in the case of Willie Nelson.
Background We all go through life with fixed ideas, notions, values, interpretations and formulated opinions, which color and distort every inch of our lives. We are unaware of it. Charlie Braxton McRoy exposes
Background Charlie Braxton McRoy has learned the meaning of having one true friend while on his long arduous journey. Norville Trueblood filled the spot unconventionally in full radical attire.
Background Charlie McRoy has traveled a long way to end up on the back of an alligator, whose name is Norville Trueblood.What a strange way to learn,” You can have anything you want when you no longer want it."
Background Charlie Braxton McRoy finds his way out of the madhouse of mirrored halls in the clown village of galactic scientists. But where is he, now? Is he any better off? If the clowns were really truly scientists, what does that have to do with him?
Background Charlie McRoy, almost 14, has aged tremendously in the last 24 hours. No knowing which way is up! Thrust in a world of hidden repressed desire, his mind has either
It was a cold, overcast and rainy day in Lexington, Kentucky for the MoveOn.Org "Defend the Dream" rally. I couldn't help but thinking that it matched the mood of America and the World right now.
The drink that many od us assaociate with American films and bars is Bourbon whiskey, and the history of how it came to be first thought up and distilled is very interesting stuff.
Background We've all been through those times when we run into problems that seem to grow in dimension and perplexity. Never do we stop to think the anxieties arise from within. Charlie McRoy faces a turbulent storm of his many-sided selves without resolve.
"We support Wisconsin!" and other signs showed Kentuckians solidarity with Wisconsin union workers. MoveOn.Org organized the nationwide rally to stand up for worker's rights, collective bargaining, attacks on unions and cuts to social programs.
Protests and regime changes are happening all across the Middle East and now we're seeing the unrest in America. Gas prices will rise and as they rise so will the price of eveything else and so will the crime rates.
While the Middle East demanded change from the dictatorships that created these conditions we are now seeing protests in America demanding better working conditions. Starting in Wisconsin and now in Ohio, Americans have started the spark that will eventually lead to real change in th...
Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky. It offers many opportunities for job seekers.
WikiLeaks became famous for publishing submissions of private, secret, and classified media from anonymous news sources and news leaks. LexiLeaks plans to expand this idea to the state and local level in Kentucky.
A colleague of mine on another news site, Alicia Bryner, found these stats regarding police corruption and prostitution. From the Alternet article by Melissa Gira Grant titled " Hypocritical legal crusade against Craigslist will not solve violence against sex trafficking victims. htt...
Let us love. That was the writing on the shirt of a teenager at the Fox Elipsus concert at Dink's Cafe'. I needed a vacation from all of the investigations, corruption, murder, crime and courtroom hi-jinks that I typically report on. I owe thanks to a little girl named Josie for remi...
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