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If your kids spend all summer on their technological devices, mom and dad have to step in and put an end to all day texting and Facebook posting and Tweeting. I am going to write about the life of today's adult as a kid growing up and comparing it to today's kids. Also, some suggestio...
This is another poem about knitting and how relaxing it is.
This is another poem about knitting and how much joy that comes out of it.
Here I am going to discuss knitting a bit. I will give you the when, and where of the first knitting article found in the world. I will talk about how we don't knit anymore and why you should learn. Then I will give you a review and names of some good learning to knit or beginners kni...
Looking for something new to earn from and decided I would do something I once did many years ago.
How I learned knitting and producing some beautiful pieces.
Filipe turns six but since birthdays are no big deal at the time he looks forward instead to Christmas which come just seventeen days later, and to hanging a stocking for Santa Claus to fill.
A tribute to my mother - One of the great influences in my life.
A young English woman marries a Newfoundland soldier during World War II and later moves with him to the new land and to a new way of life.
Clothes include in our everyday need. We use them for wearing and also for daily use like towels, bed sheets, bed covers, hankies, curtains, tapestry, etc.
for those who read the fiday night knitting club and liked it here comes a second book in the series and it is the story five years after the first one is placed
this is a book that i have read and i highly recommand it to anyone that likes or dont like knitting
a review about one of my favorite relaxing hobbies
this is a review about one of my hobbies to do, which i do every day now and how relaxing it is
this is a poem i wrote about knitting and how soothing it is to someone who has a lot of stress
How the craft community embraces tough economic times and makes life better by keeping hand crafting skills alive.
They say knitting can be calming, but that isn't the case for everyone. I'm convinced it saved my life.
Short and silly tale about a sheep that opened a shop and beat the humans at their own game.
A vintage pattern for a man's pullover with long sleeves (or sleeveless), from Sirdar. Circa 1942.
A little guide and some hints and tips for a new knitter, about the huge variety of wool and yarn to choose from.
Tweedy, fancy, bouclé, slub, rough, smooth, thick or thin... and then there's the colour to think about! What yarn's perfect for your next project? Here's a swift guide to what's out there in the woolly world.
A new idea for the management to introduce knitting and its related articles sales,training for girls with other products like coffee ,tea and snacks
In the winter months, keeping warm is paramount. Will fuel bills rapidly on the rise, using alternative methods to stay warm is a must. This article shows you how to make a draft excluder to keep the cold at bay.
Running out of cash but still have a Christmas shopping list that's shockingly long? have a look at these fast ideas for Christmas presents that won't cost the earth!
this show will teach you what stitches to use for the pattern they are doing and working on and the size of needles and everything else and it will show you how to get dvd 's and magazines and free pattern downloads on all the patterns they have online
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