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There was scope, breadth, virulence and coercion, O'Riley thought, his tea in a mug. He switches between football and war tapes, intercut with bulb flash. He is not alone. He sees peace
Felipe comes to trust Andrew but continues to beat up on himself.
Some people come to borrow money, but others only wanted him for pepper When flattery fails and the frowned desire cease only the truth half succeeds, The Old Englishman with ancient skills; would cook a big pot of breadfruit dinner, And give everyone sitting on the veranda ten times...
These are four poems that speak of autumn ... the autumn we imagine, the autumn that we see, the autumn that we feel, and the autumn from which we remember.
This poem is for you and your love.Love is the sustenance of life,the source of happiness and even the source of struggles and pains.
I have said this in so many ways but once again..loving is the key to health, wealth and happiness...It is the highest point you can reach whilst in a physical body so share it with yourself and everyone else. Love is the only thing that I know you keep it around by letting it go and...
Many people have forgotten how to laugh. Humor is the secret of success. It has been the armor of most of the successful people in history. They could bloom into success with the humor that stimulated their brains.
The love between a boy and the house in which he grew up lasts a lifetime.
This is a narrative poem of the life of the city of Bangkok during one day as I wandered around it and observed the things I saw.
Laughter or humor boosts the power of the brain and enhances the functions of the brain. Make your kids laugh and learn. Make them grow wiser by a laughing lifestyle. Laugh and be healthy.
"As I walk away from the Alley of my dreams, I feel the loneliness as i leave the woman of my dreams in the walled house where I have wished to be. But life has a different story, for I have lost her forever because of my folly.."
The ultimate human good is happiness. In a world that is wallowing in so much despair, more and more people are seeking happiness from external entities, whereas the real and authentic source of happiness is the internal environment.
The fear of our joke falling flat sometimes prevents us from expressing that natural, humorous side of our human nature. Step out and break the myth by learning how to tell great jokes with ease, poise and confidence.
Yes it was such a joy to enjoy the moonlight, then the lighted street but this too attracted undesirables
Laughter is the best medicine that will help us a lot to de-stress. We should practise it for one hour every day.
Pure bliss of life itself. Celebrating every instant I breathe.
This is just a collection of short stories based on reality and fiction.
Laugh and the world laughs with you ...FOR IT IS THE bestest medicine
These day people are so caught up in other things, that they forgot about the effects of laughter
This is my favorite joke. Make it your laugh for the day. They say that laughter is the best medicine or else you will die laughing.
Laughter not only brings in the positive energy, but it is good for your health. A good laugh can relax your muscles relieving stress and physical tension. Chemically speaking, it increases immune cells by decreases stress hormones, thus help in improving your resistance to diseases. ...
Much has been written in recent years about the idea that we are all one – not just human beings either but that we are somehow connected with - are actually a part of - all that is and all that is happening, not just on our little planet but in the entire universe.
In all our lives there are good times and difficult times ...but God promises to be with us whatever the time ....
Funerals can be times of grief. And sometimes bad things happen on top of the obvious. You want to scream. But looking back, and even at odd times in the moment, you can see the humor and know it is OK to laugh, even while you cry.
Weight loss leading to a love for daily chocolate (yummy Lindt Dark Chili chocolate) and LOTS of laughter both while exercising and just Being. Besides, a good belly laugh is fantastic for the abs!
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