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I grew up on the streets, on the wrong side of the tracks. By the time I was 14 I had lost two friends to the streets...At 16 came number three.
and this is life..We each one has ones own vision about life you may have ours
This is just a word or two about the ways of the world. The lessons we have learned and forgotten and learned again only to forget.
I was sitting in a coffee shop and watching people coming and going. Everybody seems to be happily coming and chatting, music on, apples and androids, tablets and touch screens and a cheerful environment. There is no such thing as worry/tension/depression which can be seen there and t...
In the early hours of this morning I came across a truely magnificent inspirational TV movie of 2005 vintage the value and impact of which was almost as phenomenal as being being struck by lightning....a very rare occurrence, finding such a powerful life lesson on a low-budget TV movi...
I know I have been away for some time, away and looking for answers, the kind of answers that cannot be found, but are always looked for.
My Brother, Buddy, moved to Vegas years ago, spent is adult life there. Now he is gone which leaves just three to carry on...Be back when I can.
Feng shui bedroom is very important because this is time to rest, relax after a tiring working day. Many people have the habit of clothes hangers bedroom door but it was for the wrong cause harm to health.
This is a short poem on Life. Please read and enjoy!
Why life expectancy in the US is on the decline. How we grow and consume our food is of vital importance in increasing ones life span.
Aging is lovely Do age with grace like me.. I am one sans thee... life and soul..
Personally I am not a planned man, and I don't dare to! But if we look into the other successful (!) men, it would reveal that most of them had plans to achieve... Why not share those experience too..
I am your life companion, a great teacher..a healer. I am more generous with some than others... my hands never stop..... Read on to find out more
The hour comes..Time and tide wait for no man ...nor does man await the tide
This is about studying economics, why people need to know economics.
You only live once. Smile if you can Laugh until you have stomach ache Cry sometimes. You need that.
Punctuate it if you care.. it's all about human human imagination and..thought each one for him and herself
Some people perceive our existence as a way of harmony and peace. That spending life is as easy as having a walk in the park. But life is more than that. Life is full of pain and heartaches, be ready to face disappointments and surpass the daily struggles in life,
Tomorrow never comes ever when it does it arrives as a today So never say tomorrow we may lead life each day
This is a discourse consequent to those who teach things, for which only imagination is evidence
Premature ageing and health issues have become a cause of concern in recent years. With the growth and improvement in science & technology and new gadgets coming in the market everyday, life is becoming more stressful and a lot of health issues are creeping up.Let us have a look at a ...
purpose of life what! is it .... is a permanent everlasting question ....with no answer each one for oneself ....make your way purposeful
We are for ever perpetually gruelling about two inevitables LIFE AND DEATH rather birth,...
After having been here on earth for eighty short years, observing others as well as myself, comparing and advising, pointing out pitfalls, and uncovering neglected talents, inspiring the uninspired, encouraging the discouraged, I now have to begin wrapping up life.
The inevitable last platform where we all must finally lay..
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