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This is how I see that so many hide behind a false front that has been learnt but can be unlearned.
Impress your pals with this friendly-to-scary lion mask.
I'm a firm believer in natural beauty. I do not believe it should be hidden under copious amount of makeup. I agree beauty can be enhanced. But subtly.
“Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” -J.R.R Tolkien This is a poem inspired, to keep our dreams safe from the stour, let tranquility seep into the stirrings of our hopes.
People often thought of me as a strange kid, always the happy looking, ecstatic guy, who jokes about anything and everyone. Always the one to try out anything, never letting an opportunity to do something new down... But this is not me. The real me is stuck somewhere..
I've always been hiding my depression through a mask of happiness. Nobody was able to tell. Maybe this will eighteen thoughts who are blind.
He was hiding behind a mask of toughness, just to disguise a soul hurt by the pain of a bitter past.
death does not warn us when he is about to come. he awaits for our moment and comes in the shadows
The eyes are the body parts prone to health problems and beauty, and should be treated well. Here are 7 different masks from natural ingredients that can be used to treat and eliminate some eye complaints.
Poem of how I really feel, behind the mask that I wear almost every day to shield the pain I face always.
There are lot of benefits with green tea, now a days green tea popularity is going on, green tea will be beneficial for skin to look younger.
Do you have trouble being understood? How we speak and how we write is all influenced by the words that we select and use. Many people seem to go out of the way not to be understood and there are two duel sins, failure to understand the right word to use or alternatively trying to be ...
Acne is a big real issue we women face from age 15 until 30 and some women face it for longer time, the problem is that there is no solution unless you want to reduce those acne, then you may try this mask.
A post-apocalyptic story about how far a government will go to eliminate prejudice in differences, and how a well built life can come crumbling down.
Past lifetimes have a way of floating through our memories..sometimes we brush them away...other times deeds are done to compensate, balance what happened then...sometimes terrible things...
It's amazing how fast a lie will out run the truth ....
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 15. Write a poem using the following words: Slash, button, mask, strap, and balloon.
This is a poem about how we hide the 'real me' from people.
You should not be mistaken, by the white horse or the description of the rider, here we have a deceptive conqueror, a bold fraudster, the rider upon the white horse is not the lion of the tribe of Judah, he looks fitting, but its not the real thing, he is not the conquering Saviour, t...
Indian males are a much maligned lot. It's time someone stood to dispel these misconceptions.
We all wear masks don’t we? Sometimes to hide from others… Sometimes to hide our deepest desires from ourselves… Sometimes to create a fake world around ourselves… And sometimes to just LIVE as we are used to live with the masks……
Personality is that what we pose-a face mask. A guest comes and deep down never wanted to welcome, but smiling and saying ‘so glad’, that is personality-a face mask.
~the child woke up~to the suicide man every day of his young life~watched his adam’s apple~gurgle-gurgle~as he shot himself in the throat with alcohol~the child’s mother loved them both~behind closed doors~better that way~some things~suicide for instance~shouldn’t be done in pub...
4/8/11 Michael Annis (Senior editor of Howling Dog Press): “I published the entire Quodlibet in the OMEGA literary magazine online series. It is an amazing, gargantuan poem filled with some of the toughest writing you will come across. Profound, harrowing cantos of dark beauty, bill...
Sometimes, you do not even know what you are doing.
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