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There is so much wisdom that we can glean from our older relatives and friends. Take the time to hear their stories. They will stay with you for a lifetime.
Some people come to borrow money, but others only wanted him for pepper When flattery fails and the frowned desire cease only the truth half succeeds, The Old Englishman with ancient skills; would cook a big pot of breadfruit dinner, And give everyone sitting on the veranda ten times...
One man's treasure is sometimes another man's trash. What is the true value of memories? A very short piece on generational differences.
This short piece looks at coinciding events of the past and how they color the present, no matter how we try to move forward.
I was just ten years old, it was my grandmothers wake. She died after fighting cancer for years. People spoke words of how she was at peace, she was no longer in pain, or fighting. As comforting as it seemed I couldn't help but be mad. Mad that cancer is how some people remembered ...
What started me off on this idea was the period in my life that I become a self employed housewife. By self employed I mean, I started my own leather-work business in a garage of a rented property in Durban- South Africa I had so many photos of my leather-work, and the trade shows I ...
Memories that will remain in my heart while working abroad. First in Al Khafji and the second time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The ups and downs in my career as a Nurse that made me a strong and determined person.
Pecan trees are common where I live. This particular tree is close to where I live, so it is the subject of a lot of photography experiments. It is a very old pecan tree and the bark is very rough. Once I get the lens close to it, the bark offers a lot of opportunity for texture and s...
In life, obstacles and challenges are inevitable. Situations can get deep. But I promise yiu this... if you don't give up and stay with God, He'll bring you out the other end better than before.
Just a poem about mistakes a foolish heart makes but no regrets are felt about it.
It feels so nice to watch the sunset and reminisce of our past. The memories of love gone by.
Memories of love you never have, the times in our life when we were young, that it leaves a deep question in our heart if things would have gone the other way.
This is a poem about a happy couple walking in a park after a date.
In high school, I had a crush on a much younger girl. This relationship was destined to never become real. But the relationship's value was evident in the great number of poems I wrote about her. Here is one of those poems.
A glimpse of my memories of our Beloved Pope John Paul II. I was only 10 then, But I can still remember what had transpired on that special day in our city.
This is one of the several poems I wrote in high school.
That poetry tell us about a girl who very obsessed to become like a jasmine. It’s because she love a boy which is like a jasmine very much and can’t love deeply to this girl. Perhaps that boy will be appreciate to her if what she has right now look like a jasmine, which is very pr...
This is some ideas about me. I started to learn myself since 3 years a go
This poem speaks about my lovely memories of convent life, And memories spend with all my loved one.
An unforgettable cricket match of the century played between two local forces which are from the battlefield of Punjab.
An expression of emotions and visions of being alone in the vast desert.
I was writing about my feelings, and a pandora's box was opened. I learned why I feel the way I do about life and about myself.
In love, heartbroken, Ref felt bad memories trouble or a deep psychological trauma, remedy now exists to overcome bad memories.
There are many things in the house from heat stroke, which can not only prevent but also can relieve the patient.
Three tigers sailing around in a hot air balloon and how this idea came about.
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