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This is a poem about a happy couple walking in a park after a date.
In high school, I had a crush on a much younger girl. This relationship was destined to never become real. But the relationship's value was evident in the great number of poems I wrote about her. Here is one of those poems.
A glimpse of my memories of our Beloved Pope John Paul II. I was only 10 then, But I can still remember what had transpired on that special day in our city.
This is one of the several poems I wrote in high school.
That poetry tell us about a girl who very obsessed to become like a jasmine. It’s because she love a boy which is like a jasmine very much and can’t love deeply to this girl. Perhaps that boy will be appreciate to her if what she has right now look like a jasmine, which is very pr...
This is some ideas about me. I started to learn myself since 3 years a go
This poem speaks about my lovely memories of convent life, And memories spend with all my loved one.
An unforgettable cricket match of the century played between two local forces which are from the battlefield of Punjab.
An expression of emotions and visions of being alone in the vast desert.
I was writing about my feelings, and a pandora's box was opened. I learned why I feel the way I do about life and about myself.
In love, heartbroken, Ref felt bad memories trouble or a deep psychological trauma, remedy now exists to overcome bad memories.
There are many things in the house from heat stroke, which can not only prevent but also can relieve the patient.
Three tigers sailing around in a hot air balloon and how this idea came about.
Tic Tac Toe, it is said that this game should end in a draw every time.
The pain missing someone who is extremely close to your heart somehow increases in the rain as you ought to miss the special moments spent together. There is a hidden joy in the pain of missing when you are in love.
I don't really know why I wanted to go down memory lane. Perhaps because being a bit isolated here in Malibu with Roo, I have been watching old British black and white movies with Frankie Howard and Margaret Rutherford et hope you enjoy...all of you....
This poem is about being trapped, in a past moment, when I was full of happiness. I can't back go back in the past; I have to live in this current time.
This poem is about the love of my life being gone forever. The memory of the love that was once shared will never be forgotten.
While a toy maybe seen as allay thing to many, to me it is symbolic of memories. Today as as an older person, I still have one special toy that I had had since I was a child of six. This tis about that one toy.
Moving can be both stressful and expensive. But the more that can be planned out in advance, the saner the move will feel. Anything you don't have to move is a bonus your back and legs will thank you for. But sometimes the purging causes stresses of other kinds.
A romantic and lyric, sentimental, rhyming poem. It is a memento of my College years, in Boston, USA.
There are small moments that can transform many needs.
how can a beautiful memory that scraping the inner, and it's describe how the pain of remembering something
Everybody is busy in following dreams and achieving their goals in this fast paced world. Sometimes we forget to enjoy or ignore small moments of happiness.
A sad Japanese movie starring Miki Nakatani, Eita and Iseya Yusuke
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