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Our childhood is marked with instances, emotional periods, experiences that we never forget. I indulge in a bit of deja vu as I journey back to a time in my life, with eager eyes and a wistful soul I peered into my hopes and dreams.
We are in high school now with just one more year before graduation and despite our differences Danny and I are still best friends.
This poem starts out describing the physical road then moves through the life of the person. The reader can put themselves as the main character.
Looking back into the past can be an interesting thing to do
This is one of the stories from my personal life which I had written for the 42daysofwriting course which I had taken and enjoyed so much.
While cleaning out some old papers, I came across three unpublished poems that have significance to events of the past. Can you work out what was going on here?
Math may be one's worse enemy. Or it may be one's best associate. It's always a challenge. I really dislike it.
We course through life but soon are in the evening of it. What we need to fall back upon may elude us when young, but memories keep us company especially those of what we did to benefit others. One should keep that thought in the back of our minds even as we pursue our goals to give u...
Tragedy and life situations can either make us or break us, we are either going to draw closer to him or we are going to pull away. I see my friend M as the ultimate example of that, facing an illness that would eventually take her life, an amputation that forever changed her life, an...
When a new child is born, the parents have to decide what to name the baby. It is an important function, because in most cases, that name is the one this person will identify with their whole life.
I find myself thinking about, smiling about and remembering the good times and people i have been blessed to meet in my life, i hold my memories dear as they always a silver lining in the clouds of life.
Recalling precious memories of summers spent on Lake Geneva
This article was written in November 2006. It is as relevant today as it was back then.The article explains how people in paliative care can pass on stories of their lives or special message after their passing.
This is an essay about memories that I have of swimming when I was a young child.
Two short poems about using Balance and Time wisely!
A new style of poetry, one that I have always loved, but always too shy to publish. So here some of it. Really hope you can enjoy it.
My childhood memories are funny and trilling the things I did, all for the love of trees.
Remembering a long lost love. For Tom Jenkins on this story night the memory still is alive and well.
As human beings we only have control over is the way we respond, and our own actions.
The memories weren´t hurtful anymore. Looking back to the past now made the young girl smile brightly.
This poem deals with the ups and downs of life, falling in and out of love and re-birth. Like the phoenix emerges from the ashes, so should those who have been let down by love in life, for it is not the end.
A three (3) poems about the author's childhood, school memories, street scene and in general his hometown in a unique place South East Asia- city of Lipa.
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The memories you have multiplied by the intensity of your love will determine how much grief comes when you experience a loss in your life.
I would like to tell you something about myself; about me and my relationships…my feelings, and what I’ve just found out about myself.
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