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Announced the "Microsoft" Tuesday to bring version 8.1 of the operating system "Windows Phone" to a series of smart phones, "Lumia", and that in addition to the update script for this series, which is known as "Lumia Sian" Lumia Cyan.
The World Cup is always enlivened by the presence of the 'fortune teller' match of the animals.
The computer virus told me I had to pay $300 to avoid arrest and 'unfreeze' my computer; I said "No way" and set about trying to defeat it.
In this article you know about Solving Freezing Issues In Windows 8 Updates. Windows 8 is one of those innovations of Microsoft that has surprised people with its great utility and fun giving apps.
How to disable automatic login to Skype when logging into Microsoft's email service . users simply download a plugin installed in your computer, then connect your accounts Skyppe , that was able to Skype chat right within the Outlook interface , no need to run a separate application Skype . This version supports Skype video chat in HD quality .
This article provides information on the imminent launch of Nokia's android phones and tries to find out why Nokia is launching an android phones.
It looks like Microsoft may soon add Android apps to its Windows and Windows Phone platforms.
This news reveals gives you more insight on the mysterious device prepped up by Nokia.
In this article I hope to address the reason why readers should be more proactive in researching the available options before Upgrade there software just for the sake of having the new version available.
Microsoft researchers designed a smart bra that can detect stress.
Child Pornography is a topic that is considered as high value in a developing society. The proliferation of the internet has made it easy for pedophiles to proliferate child pornography in their websites. Finally Google and Microsoft are starting simple to stop it.
Microsoft has revealed an astonishing prototypes projector and scanner than can turn an entire living room into a virtual computer game environment.
Android operating system is used by the majority of mobile phones in circulation today. Since its emergence in 2008, the growth of Android is not unstoppable. Of course not all like the popularity of Android phones, especially the rivals in the mobile phone industry. There have been ...
Do you heard about Microsoft Surface 2 tablets? New windows RT loaded tablet is now available for pre-order. Checkout Now.
Microsoft has announced the launch of its next generation of Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets .
for those who want to copy text from an image this article is best for you since i have provided some step by step tips on how to copy text from an image
if you want to schedule shutdown you computer you can follow this simple steps without any software
Service user data Microsoft reportedly fell into the hands of the National Security Agency (NSA). Not accidentally, but the technology company reported deliberately submit such data.
I present my top 5 reasons why the PS4 will crush the Xbox One
Two powerful multinationals in the field of technology: Nokia and Microsoft have joined forces to compete with Google and Apple in the booming smartphone market, at a time when the Finnish firm tries to regain its position as industry leader.
Microsoft, through its executives and Don Mattrick Phil Spencer plans to invest at least one billion U.S. dollars revealed in the creation of new games for Xbox One, the new console at home.
Windows is a great operating system. But enormously paid, and locked within a boundary, we need to think of another better option. There are lot of open source free operating systems which have all the same capabilities like Windows. Lets take a look.
Here a review is presented about the competitiveness between google chromebook and microsoft windows.
7 Simple Steps to effictively guard your computer from malware...
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