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I am born free, free will I die, freedom of thought is so beautiful. I feel rich because I can think free, not the freedom of expression, and not the freedom to work, it’s freedom of thought, that is most fundamental, and common to everyone of us. But, hardly we realize its imp...
A translation of a spiritual, sentimental poem of Maria Polydouri, a Greek poetess.
For the Christian, are the American shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette sinful?
This is a small story I overheard while travelling but it gives great meaning to life.
Many worldly people give importance for outward appearance but inward they are cunning filled with hypocrisy.
we need to Dress to please the Lord not the world. We live in an age that glorifies immodesty and immorality.
"Modesty", a great virtue, not seen usually. Especially the educated and resourceful individual often acts with some ego or "I know all" attitude we wish a little modesty would have made them great a person . Now read this acrostic story:
Miriam is punished for speaking against Moses. I suggest the nature of Miriam's sin and derive an important lesson in the power of humility
The argumentation speech has the purpose to appeal to the intellect of the audience or listeners so that the speaker can be able to win them over the speaker’s side. It can be done using the force of logical interference and sound reasoning. The argumentation speech further aims to ...
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