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Earlier I shared a post here on agencies misusing girls,or is it that the girls are doing it from their own free will? Iam still doing a survey and study on the same and i thought I should share this similar article.
Essay on how governance diminishes the virtue of tolerance in people by giving them channels to suppress ideas they don't like
The relationship, or lack of relationship, between religion and morality
A page for Mass Effect lovers to look back over some of the game's greatest moments
I miss it, as I miss the old ways, I've heard a lot of it, I've read enough of it,
Homosexuality is gaining acceptance and a moral status beyond reason and understanding. This article sets forth the unacceptability and dangers of homosexuality.
I stopped believing in God in February of 2014, and this is a reflection on my experience as an atheist thus far.
Discussion across the table is the main norm in a democracy and Violence or any SILLY campaign would not do any good for preserving Morality.
Here Amina is tired of Boys especially some boys in particular, Moe and Suhail
Character is the basis for peace or chaos in any society.... In education, emphasis on "good character" is observed the third week of October.
Pornography is a huge part of our day and I am here to ramble about the evils brought upon by it. Say whatever you want, but I know it only bring unhappiness and suffering to those ensnared and those involved with its victims.
I can see that moral values have declined over the years.
Never agree to stay with a stranger! The year was 1978 and we were travelling through the Middle East an long journey home from an archaeological dig in Iraq.
Shootings and killings happen every now and then involving teenagers. Even after the occurrences people are unable to say why such violent incidents happened? Just a few days back, the US newspapers reported a news about three teens shooting an Australian basketball player because the...
A messy room is a messy mind, struggling to put the pieces of life and myself into an acceptable order.
The United States is on the verge of falling onto the abyss of moral decay.
Why education and morality go hand in hand. The educational system in the United States has been drifting away form the basic concepts that made this country great.
This is a summary of some wisdom I have gained from my conscious and unconscious spiritual work.
The UK's Chief Rabbi has penned a piece in the Spectator on the need for religion to rise and take its place as the only possible future defender of humanity against the rise of fundamentalism, He posits that atheism has failed. This article is a critique of his position.
The authorities controlling the internet should keep an eye open and try their best to save the young generations from falling into the pit of immorality, The internet agencies and companies operating social sites should be hold responsible for any such activity. Moreover the site whi...
People are caught in the middle of politics and government stupidity.
Yes with some much double standards around keep working on the children
~head swaying back & forth~she drifted away~eyes wide open blank~arms lifting~body turning~whimsical child~tiny thing~otherwordly & beautiful~dancing the moment she learned to walk~to music in her spirit~from whence she came~lyrical in a language not of this sphere~
When the public likes and promotes sin, businesses have a motivation to blacklist Christians from industries that interact with the public. The problem is that such acts can increase social, political, and economic problems.
America and the world are accepting and legitimizing gay marriage. Are there grounds for challenging this immoral movement? Yes and this article boldly declares what the grounds for contention are.
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