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Mother’s Day is fast approaching so receiving gifts, flowers, candy, and cards are excitant pour moi. Even dressing it up in French, I cannot make the large white terry cloth robe exciting. It is not about being ungrateful; it is about my Mom, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, gifts...
Missing her mother on mother day, and her birthday, on any other day, love you.
Mothers are a great source to go to when you become a first time mom
A poem for all mothers out there so much respect x
keeping memories alive long past a loss even that as great as a mom
Sunday, 12th of May: a Mother's Day parade took place at New Orleans. What nobody was expecting was a crime to happen in a celebration of such an important day. A shooting injured at least 19 people...
My teenage son who doesn't like to write penned a beautiful, poignant letter for my Mother's Day gift. He concisely described his feelings; it was the perfect gift for me, a writer, and I'll cherish it forever.
Just trying to work through the complicated mother/daughter relationships...
My dedication to all mothers around the world. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day today and every day for the rest of your lives.
The pain of dealing with mothers with Alzheimer's disease. When your mother doesn't remember you.
Mother's day is celebrated on the second day in May every year in the United States, but other countries have different days that evolved from different traditions.
Today is Mother's Day. I think of all moms and greet them. I greet my dear mom in heaven. I think of the days of my mom's life spent on this earth in selfless love. It has been encouraging and enlightening to me every second of my life. I think of the heavenly Mom who protects me ever...
A mother is a daughter’s best friend. Though all mothers would have felt unwanted in their daughter’s life at one point of time, a daughter would always need her mother to love, support, guide, caution and embrace her throughout her life.
When you’re a child she walks before you, To set an example. When you’re a teenager she walks behind you To be there should you need her. When you’re an adult she walks beside you So that as two friends you can enjoy life together..yes these are the words for a mother....her lov...
Mother’s Day is around the corner. The second Sunday of May is observed in most of the countries as the Mother’s Day. Mother is the light of every life.
Mother`s Day - a time to reflect and appreciate everything our mothers have done for us.
Mother's day is fastly approaching! Have you already thought of a present for your Mom? I'll give you some tips for your gift!
The second Sunday in May is observed as Mothers Day. Whether our mother is here in physical form or just a beautiful memory, let us honor her with love.
These are haiku and sayings about mother's love that I have written, I hope you enjoy reading. A mother's love is very special and beyond compare. There are no conditions attached to a mother's love. Her love never ceases, come what may. A mother is always there even during troubled t...
A simple recall of a moms memory Some where out there she still may be looking at me..
Mother's day in England was Sunday 10th March. Mine is not a conventional way of spending it, but I love it! Read on to find out more.
I believe that the love of a mother influences and affects us for the whole of our lives. My mother is no longer with me, but I celebrate her every year.Read on to find out more.
Mothering Sunday is a wonderful celebration of the woman who brought you into this world, and thousands of children and adults will be spending Sunday 10th March doing just that here in the UK.. My own thoughts and tribute to a great mum and the wonder of motherhood in all its glory.
A Godly Mother doesn't attempt to create her own path, but allows God to direct her steps, not merely for a moment in time, but in all things..
We all love our mothers when we are alive and love them more when they are no more...
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