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Water is the sustaining force, as important to us as the air we breathe. Two thirds of our body is made up of water. We require water for cell nutrition, cell absorption, digestion and excretion. Water is also responsible for the regulati...
Too much snow equals frustration. Everything takes longer, people get fed up, less observant and in some cases downright careless!
There have been many accounts of near death experiences where people who have been pronounced dead and have come back to talk about it—claiming out of body experiences. But is dying the only time we exit our body?
A thirteen year old boy has a near death experience.
A time of blessed saving from an illness Brought about by a doctor's skilled hand Along with the grace of God
They draw near but remain far away from God, one cannot do the will of the father unless he or she is complexly surrendered, once saved is not always saved, a person must remained under the blood stain banner at all times
Todd Burpo wrote a book about his son's near death experience. The story is unbelievable but the sources seem very credible. What Colton Burpos transported to heaven for three minutes? Read and decide for yourself.
This is a true story about a brother and sister that were close when they were younger, but as they started to grow up, they went there separate ways. Most of their days were spent fighting with each other and the neighbors had to break them up. But not on this special day.
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