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Dracula based Novel was written in 1897 by the Gothic by an Irish author Bram Stoker, who became famous as he introduced the concept of a Vampire named Count Dracula. Let's see if the fictional character ever existed.
Hitchhiking ghosts stop the vehicle as a means of transport that is gained through asking the driver, who are mostly the strangers, for a ride in their cars or other vehicles. A ride which is offered is usually free, but not always.
The Philip experiment was conducted in the year 1972 and it was the first parapsychology based experiment of that type which was conducted in Toronto, Ontario. The basic idea was to rule out if the volunteers can communicate with self created ghosts with mind powers or not.
It was the barbaric act of man slaughter of a family inside their own house. That was a really terrible mas murder that was given the name, The Mansion Murders. The Washington, D.C. mayor named it as “An Act of Evil,” and the police investigation team concluded that there were ...
Are you not a Ghost believer? Well this might make you believe.
When Four-Exorcisms Aren't Enough, it is Time to Move Out. A true supernatural story.
Built in 1834, the prison was designed with the idea that inmates would eventually repent after deciding to leave a life of sin far behind them. Today the building is owned by The Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society who preserves the historical site through ghost tours that pro...
Jenny Carson, a CNA at Spring Hill Care Center, never believed in ghosts. Not until her favorite resident, Elizabeth Rosalyn, passed away. Since her death, Jenny has seen disturbing images of Elizabeth in resident's rooms or standing behind other staff while they are working.
The words that come from our mouths are powerful beyond measure. Many years ago enjoyed a book It was an old book by the title: "Hung by the tongue" written by Francis P Martin at first the wording was a little difficult to grasp, but, when I had read it through, it became profoundly ...
This article is about the top 5 most haunted objects.
Finding a door way between two worlds,and one man decides to step through.(Simple questions have complicated answers)
For months after the big battle at Aliwal North, after the fighting between the Boer commandos and the British forces, in which several buildings were damaged one of which was the town hall which had been completely destroyed having taken a direct hit from British artillery fire...
A ghostly visit in the early morning hours left me terrified, confused and searching for answers. This is a true and accurate account of my paranormal experience in which a spirit left physical evidence of its presence.
In 1959, a group of hikers in Siberia fell prey to unspeakable horror. This is their story.
Here is the strange story of Dawid van Schalkwyk, as told to me by his grandson Gideon van Schalkwyk who lived in Winburg in the Orange Free State, where his grand father was universally respected as an honest man.
She lied to me! Whaaaa! Oh well, it was amuzing... but in a scary way....
This is about having to deal with paranormal activity in your house.
A few years ago when I figured out that I was clairvoyant (mainly audio clairvoyant), I had a run in with a dark entity. At first I didn't realize that it was a dark entity, but when I figured out what it was, it tore my world down to its foundation. The reality of the dangers of bein...
Recent science has revealed that much of the paranormal activity we experience can be explained by infrasound: sound waves which operate at a frequency below that which we can hear, which has alarming effects on our bodies. But what is the evidence, and can infrasound truly account fo...
Current news about J.K.Rowling launching a website which is termed as "Mysterious"!
Read about a spooky place you might want to visit.
The Cidco MIDC police station is definitely one of the busiest police stations of the Aurangabad city, recording crimes of all sorts all day all night.
For centuries the death of one of The Viscounts Gormanston has been heralded by foxes leaving the fields and surrounding the ancient castle of Gormanston. This is a retelling of the famous story which is undoubtedly one of the greatest paranormal events regularly repeated. A true stor...
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