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Dracula based Novel was written in 1897 by the Gothic by an Irish author Bram Stoker, who became famous as he introduced the concept of a Vampire named Count Dracula. Let's see if the fictional character ever existed.
Hitchhiking ghosts stop the vehicle as a means of transport that is gained through asking the driver, who are mostly the strangers, for a ride in their cars or other vehicles. A ride which is offered is usually free, but not always.
The Philip experiment was conducted in the year 1972 and it was the first parapsychology based experiment of that type which was conducted in Toronto, Ontario. The basic idea was to rule out if the volunteers can communicate with self created ghosts with mind powers or not.
It was the barbaric act of man slaughter of a family inside their own house. That was a really terrible mas murder that was given the name, The Mansion Murders. The Washington, D.C. mayor named it as “An Act of Evil,” and the police investigation team concluded that there were ...
Visiting some of the most horrific places on this earth that will give you goose bumps when you read even if it is the day time.
This is a true story of when I died. I know it sounds far-fetched but it actually happened to me and left me scarred for life.
Karachi city of Pakistan is very famous for so many paranormal events and among them, the Karsaz Road Mystery leads on top and it hasn't reached conclusion
Are you not a Ghost believer? Well this might make you believe.
A&E is currently searching for families with huge personalities that are willing to share their ghostly experiences with the public to demonstrate true hauntings in a paranormal television series. Everything from ghosts, poltergeists, spirits, demons and all other paranormal subject m...
Jenny Carson, a CNA at Spring Hill Care Center, never believed in ghosts. Not until her favorite resident, Elizabeth Rosalyn, passed away. Since her death, Jenny has seen disturbing images of Elizabeth in resident's rooms or standing behind other staff while they are working.
The words that come from our mouths are powerful beyond measure. Many years ago enjoyed a book It was an old book by the title: "Hung by the tongue" written by Francis P Martin at first the wording was a little difficult to grasp, but, when I had read it through, it became profoundly ...
When a tour guide breaks into America’s Most Haunted House, a bit of amateur ghost hunting with friends turns into more than they could have ever imagined.
In this article I show how my mind thought of the inspiration day after another during a week in the hospital. In quick diagnosing for my case the doctor thought it as Paranoia. But during being there I didn't stop thinking of the possibilities. I suggested that there was unseen spiri...
An account of paranormal experiences I have had while living in my house.
Upon entering the void between... When I looked into the abyss… I Began To Shout, Then There Was Silence...
Finding a door way between two worlds,and one man decides to step through.(Simple questions have complicated answers)
Do fairies exist in real life or are they just the topic of nursery rhymes? No one knows for sure but this little poem definitely probes the possibilities as well as the imagination.
For months after the big battle at Aliwal North, after the fighting between the Boer commandos and the British forces, in which several buildings were damaged one of which was the town hall which had been completely destroyed having taken a direct hit from British artillery fire...
A ghostly visit in the early morning hours left me terrified, confused and searching for answers. This is a true and accurate account of my paranormal experience in which a spirit left physical evidence of its presence.
Places of worship they might be, but when it comes to paranormal activity churches are not spared the attention of spirits. In fact many churches in Britain can claim to be even more haunted than many of the traditional spooky sites such as castles and mansions...
In 1959, a group of hikers in Siberia fell prey to unspeakable horror. This is their story.
My sister sees the most interesting things. There's a world of wonderous, scary creatures in front of us that we simply can't see because they... I don't know what or why we can't see them all the time.
She lied to me! Whaaaa! Oh well, it was amuzing... but in a scary way....
A true story about a visit with my cousin and an encounter with the paranormal.
On a trip to Sedona Arizona in the mid nineties, my husband, Robert and I witnessed 3 UfOs, experienced a possible extraterrestial vist, and felt some amazing energy vortexes.
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