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Millions of people claim that they have had at least one encounter with the paranormal at some point in their life involving ghosts, entities, spirits, demons or poltergeists. In most cases these documented paranormal events have taken place in their home or place of work and have bee...
The Discovery Channel covered the touchy topic and learned that many people believe that they have been touched or assaulted by the dead. The subject matter is unnerving, and the victims forever changed on their views concerning the afterlife.
This a Bathtub Bibliophile book review for Stephen King's DR. SLEEP
A lot of people are claiming that they have Psychic Abilities. But the question is " ARE THEY LEGITIMATE PSYCHICS or just SELF-PROCLAIMED ONE? "
Parapsychologists claim that there are aliens who are born on Earth in human form to deliver a special message to the Earthlings.
A poltergeist is often mistaken as a ghost or spirit wanting to play pranks on the inhabitants of a certain house. This is a common misconception. After reading my article, you will know what a poltergeist really is.
Regardless of race, religion, or creed, custom, culture, traditions, we all go home to the self-same source.
Do you think modern digital cameras are more honest in capturing images than the technologists who have refined photography but only, paradoxically, to bolster the skepticism in them about anything paranormal?
A report of an event of about 1968 which convinced me that our minds are more than mechanisms. There is telepathy.
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