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A report of President Obama's announcement that America had agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba after 54 years.
A report of President Obama's remarks after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.
A report of President Obama's speech after the Supreme Court upheld a key part of the Affordable Care Act.
On May 1, 2011, President Obama addressed the nation that Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan. The news triggered a celebration in New York City.
Jack Johnson had his boxing career ruined because of what filmmaker Ken Burns called his "unforgivable blackness." Johnson should be pardoned for having been wrongfully convicted in a case of Jim Crow era injustice.
Obituary for NASCAR reporter Steve Byrnes, who died earlier today.
The Actual Purpose and Effect of President Obama Visiting Jamaica
Restoring progressive tax rates, abandoning bad trade agreements and strengthening labor unions are ways to reduce income inequality. Controlling spiraling education costs, apartment rents and mortgages are also needed to combat poverty.
It is a very human act to admire someone. This article discusses the choosing of President Obama and Hillary Clinton as the "most admired" man and woman.
This year President Barack Obama presented 18 Medal of Freedom Awards
Lawyers had the decision of the Grand Jury expected feared civil rights. The Sworn have decided against an indictment of white police officers that shot the young Michael Brown in early August. Again, it comes in Ferguson's riots. President Obama calls for calm and restraint.
2014 is the time for the United States to step up the negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
What do you think if you know that one of our friends herein has been be a victim of credit card fraud? Definitely, we are response it mediocre. And also that what if a victim is a huge General? Wowh!! Surely we think somewhat surprised to hear that.
Obama's speech outlining his strategy on dealing with ISIS. How it was foreshadowed by the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still
An opinion piece equating Nero's fiddling as Rome burned with how President Obama is handling the crises confronting him today.
Read some facts and think about Obama and the United States Of America. Form your own opinion of whether this is the worst President ever.
Russian President Putin acknowledges President Obama on Independence Day.
The "selfie" picture President Obama, PM Cameron and Dutch PM Schmidt took at Nelson Mandela's memorial elicited a firestorm of comments and recrimination from the media.
A look at the stormy past or relations with Iran and how it affects the rest of our relationships in the Middle East
A poem written on the diminishing faith in the American people, portrayed by the President himself. We are lacking intuitiveness when it comes to the government. It's time we wake up! Enjoy!
Barack Obama, the president of the United States, visited my town last week and met with a few supporters - including me! Find out what it's like to meet the president and have the national media and Secret Service swarming the area.
President Obama issued a challenge this Fourth of July to Secure Liberty and opportunity for our children and for future generations as that "small band of Patriots did 237 years ago." Do you know what the Declaration of Independence says? Do you know what it means? Do you know h...
It could just be me, but I think Sarah Palin is starting to notice what happens when you gamble early and find yourself an also-ran with plenty of time left on the clock...
In any profession, there are your aces and your duds. Then, you have the story of a lawyer who went into court unopposed- and still lost.
Funny how all the talk of hope and change has turned to hoping for change again. Only took four years.
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