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Another tongue in cheek piece...fantasy with reality added for those who have the eyes to see. So do yourself a favour and enjoy this for all...with a hilarious scottish dance by laurel and hardy....
Organize time to study better. Plan your studies in line with an approach and keep working towards a fixed goal. You can answer questions in your examination and test papers easily.
We are perfect in design, the catalysis to our own mind. But life is at times a factory line. To stop and look deep with in, is medicine to cure our sin. The sin of not loving all that is within. But it is not our fault, after all we live in CULTure. But the mind is to precious to be...
I dig very deep into the recesses of my mind and uncover bones, a deeper reality, a deeper part of me.
Dreams and visions oft tell of what is to be dredged up from below the consciousness...sitting so quietly until disturbed by some action or word or person then surface they do in many you deal with them is an indicator of who you truly on...
We all have to face our mortality sooner or later...and how does time fit in here...we can either pile it up against ourselves or just a state of neutral acceptance and flow with whatever IS in the moment...not always easy but so worthwhile...
A man calls to his wife and says : - Darling, my boss invited me and some of his friends to go fishing in a distant lake. We will be out one week.
To ask ourselves where we would like to go, is not only a vacation destination, but also what direction in life
Hopefully my experience can be used as a reference for you to do the same for other products.
A short description of how depression feels to me. There is a common misconception that depression is just like being sad about life all the time. The truth is much more hopeless, and often involves being happy occasionally too. For me it felt like existing in my own head instead of a...
Well if you like solving puzzles give this one a try. Most of us who took this couldn't solve. Will you do it?
This is a short poem about my life and wondering about the greater purpose of my life.
Sometimes Students lose their interest in studies for some difficulties which they face during the lesson and obtain fewer marks in the exams…Here are a few guidelines to overcome the situation...
Can the people close to you steal your finer qualities? Or in another sense can the people close to you pick up and emulate what you consider your better traits until you feel you have completely lost them?
This is a question that many of us ask and are asked several times each day and most have a standard response of “just fine”, but are we really just fine?
With a growing popularity FACEBOOK is reaching to new heights everyday.With the help of stats , facebook is amongst the most successful companies the world had ever had.I do agree its successful financially,also its very popular and people loves the website.But i doubt that it is a su...
I feel that there is too much pressure on people to "keep up with the Joneses" and we end up forgetting what the true meaning of life is and how we should measure our success.
Home remedies are the real cures to all illnesses.
Columns & Opinions go hand in hand like a horse and cart.
One can find wisdom in the smallest and most insignificant matters of life. Intelligence helps us to grasp deeper truths but many times so does common sense.
A King, who did not believe in the goodness of God, had a slave who, in all circumstances, said: My king, do not be discouraged, because everything God does is perfect, and no mistakes!
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These are questions really asked in some interviews. Hope this sharing may help someone in similar situations. Forgive me if you know these already. Thanks
Examination system as a whole is not bearable for them. They agree to fight for the abolition of examinations so that they may get rid of the question papers. They think the question papers a cause of all their psychological disorders as frustration and dizziness.
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