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Mother - the word itself has got great importance. Its a combination of sacrifice,love,patience,perseverance and ultimately life.Then why a single day for a mother? Why this Mothers' day after all ?
God tempts Abraham by telling him to take his son Isaac, the boy who had been born to him and Sarah in their old age, and sacrifice him as a burnt offering.
These poem speaks about the lent season, and how every person should behave.
This is the concluding part of the series: “The Other Half.” War of attrition and the struggle for superiority in marriage is basically the problem of inflated ego. Happiness in marriage can be achieved by making small sacrifices readily and cheerfully.
This is an attempt on my part to write a horror/religious/cultural tale.  Perhaps on a different world, perhaps on earth.  The picture was the challenge in one of my groups and was written about 4 years ago original title On the Percipice. The picture was a picture of a man-made l...
Catholics the world over are called to apply their Lenten fast as a prayer less for forgiveness than for action on climate change. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, Ash Wednesday reminds the world’s Catholics of their inevitable fate in this world. Lest that fate come by climate cat...
There are many children who forget their own parents in later stages of life which is really bad. We should love and support our parents throughout our life as there they are the one's who are responsible for our existence in this world
Life is full of sacrifice a living life is a sacrificial life learn more about it in the poem
Mia ran home. Her bare feet were quite cold by now, and the wind and snow made them even colder. She hopped onto the sidewalk and then jumped onto the back of a carriage, it would only be for a few minutes. She would be home a little faster now. Mia really wanted to be home, her moth...
We give more of ourselves to the god we’ve created than to the One that created us.
This story is of my heritage, my people. We came here in 1847. Many walked the 900+ miles pulling everything they owned in hand carts. We came to avoid persecution. We came to avoid death. Many had lost everything, their houses burned, their men and sons murdered as they watched helpl...
Today is Memorial Day, the day that all patriotic Americans come together in honoring all those Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedom. My father was one of those patriotic Americans who paid the ultimate price to keep us free. My father and all the o...
This poem addresses those powerful, persistent dreams and desires that just won't die, the ones that keep you awake at night, the ones you work and fight for with all you have.
April 13, 2014 Palm Sunday After Ash Wednesday, the next day of celebration during the Season of Lent is Palm Sunday, which falls on April 13th this year. Palm Sunday is the day all Christians celebrates our Lord and Savior’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem the week before His cruci...
This is not an essay about WWII. But is my memories of life during the war.
It’s said that it only takes one, singular moment in one’s life to define their future. What that moment might be is the crucial variant. But ultimately, how one handles that moment truly defines the outcome.
Sacrifice Your Thoughts Over into My possession is the 17th poem in the Book of War. The Book of War is the first book in the series Testimonies of Spiritual Warfare the Anointed Version for Future Generations.
For Food and Cash is the 16 poem in the Book of War. The Book of War is the first book in the series Testimonies of spiritual Warfare the Anointed Version for Future Generations.
Effective Leadership can be both emotionally and mentally costly. You must be able to readily identify problems, determine solutions, and delegate responsibilities.
What is the symbolic meaning of using those aromatic substances such as incense? When they are burnt smoke rises up. They exhale perfume during combustion and fragrance when these substances and spices are burned as an act of worship.
Sacrifices don't always have to come at the expense of pain. How often we recognize, after the fact, that had we done things correctly the first time it would have certainly come out right from the outset. Then again, how many of us learn this lesson and put it into practice? Howeve...
, We are dead and only the blood of Jesus can save us but we need to accept Jesus us our personal Savior. Eternal life with God is like, we are being offered with food on the table. It is free for us. Its laid there but if we cannot come and get some to eat, that food is not for us. S...
This is about a pawn's sacrifice to defend and save the queen on a chess game.
It was not easy but they did it. Sacrificed their lives and fought with the rulers to give 30 crore countrymen a better future. Let's learn about them and let's learn from them.
Molly's story is full of twists and turns. It will leave you with the desire to read more about her because its captivating and very suspenseful.
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