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Think: Life is more than something we go through like amoeba beings. To go through it well, we must have consciousness and conscientiousness, bad or good. To get through the bad to the good, we must be patient, create understanding, and cultivate tolerance. I know, some of this sounds...
A good self-esteem is like good water that is clean, pure and needed by the body to survive. Like a body is mostly made of water, a mind and thoughts are made mostly of their intrinsic self-esteem, self-concept, self-worth and beneficial actions.
These writings are free verse and inspired by real life experiences. If you are having hard time in letting go, try to read this and think carefully of what you are going through. May this page enlighten you a little and get you back to reality. Enjoy reading!
Everybody feels overwhelmed from time to time, even the best and most seemingly "perfect" or "ideal" of us. Sure, there are some who can fake being "perfectly polished" until they make it, but it involves a lot of genuine selling out and that kind of thing also. This article is mainly...
We all need to love ourselves. Without that decision to love ourselves, we plain make an unconscious decision to fear ourselves. Recently, I was thinking about this fact with full cognizance, and here is what I came up with:
Love yourself. Cherish yourself. Sometimes you are all you have.
[i][b]Self-Confidence[/b][/i] is believing yourself and your abilities, and being ready and willing to face new situations and accomplish difficult tasks. [i][b]Self-esteem[/b][/i] reflects a person’s overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth.
Spiritual solutions might not always cut it with some people. Can you imagine your favourite politician, or even your not so favourite politician, looking for such a solution, for example? And yet, this is the premise of this wonderful book. Read it, and you will find yourself agr...
Sometimes it is difficult to tease out the differences between clinical words and their meanings. Validation and self worth and personal growth. I was asked which is more important.
Think a second; can we live without knowing what is right and what is wrong for us? Not at all. We can’t think. It is impossible. We can’t live our life.
While depending upon others, you miss many opportunities to discover your self, to establish the confidence in your personality. Depending on family and friends for happiness is not a question here as it also makes our personality. What I am talking here is about depending on others, ...
Self-esteem is all about how good or bad you feel about yourself. This article will take you through ways you can improve your self-esteem.
It's sometimes hard to make a move, even one you know is best for you, when others don't understand. I made a decision to divorce after 28 years of marriage. Family, friends and church members questioned my decision, my faith, even my sanity. All I know is that I am finally at peace a...
Taking some time for yourself occasionally to completely clear your mind, can be one the best things someone can do for themselves.
Mark Twain said he could live two whole weeks on a single compliment. Even a dog gets a pat on the head. It's all about self-confidence. Overconfidence will repel your fellow humans; Low-esteem needs lots of work so you can get out there and blow your own horn.
Believe it or not, this applies to anyone and everyone-including you. Spread the love...
Non-denominational poem about finding the strength to rise above obstacles trying to pull one back to where they used to be as a person. It's all about becoming a stronger, different person to continue living life.
It is important to seek recognition within yourself, and not in others, because you cannot spend your whole life looking for the approval of others, as it is usually a waste of time. This is not to say that you do not need friends, or love interests, but it means that, sooner or later...
Inspiration can be found everywhere, and one of life’s more important lessons is the ability to find pleasure in small things, like reading a good book, or exercising. If you want to improve something about yourself, try having a healthier lifestyle.
Far too many of us humans have been convinced we don't deserve good things or do deserve to hurt and/or neglect ourselves. This is due to centuries-old pervasive programming by those in control of society who find us easier to control if our self-esteems can be hampered. It's time t...
Success achieved through positive attitude is appreciated and can live for long. Negative attitude cannot achieve true success, though it may seem to reach temporary ones. Positive attitude is an art. It can be acquired by proper practice.
Do you know who you are? And are there simple steps to make change? While there is no easy road, it doesn't have to be a hard road towards change for the better.
Your Promising Future is at hand. You must want it bad enough to take the appropriate steps to secure it.
They say he is special. I say he is very adventures. He is my youngest of three.
A summary of reasons I've learned from personal experience for not maintaining contact with an ex boyfriend
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