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There is a feud between residents of this BC senior’s condo that is ‘so bizarre’ even a judge had a hard time believing it was real.
Arthritis is a one of the oldest and common illness of man. The number of people with arthritis is increasing yearly and a lot more will have in the coming years. During winter season, arthritis attacks severely, here are some helpful home remedies to ease the pain during attacks:
Does life really begin at 40? What are your thoughts?
When I left home at age seventeen and a half year I thought I would have 'forever' to get married and have children. But in life, as we use to say in California, "Sh*t Happens." One day you're a kid with all the options laid out ahead of you, the next thing you know you're a sixty-fiv...
Gardening tools are essential for the maintenance of garden, it is advisable to purchase quality tools to maximize its useful years. Here are some tips in using these tools while working around in your garden.
Good nutrition and proper eating habits are important to the health of seniors.
Physical and social activities will help boost general health for seniors.
Thoughts of the positive and negative affects of an aging population on society.
Senior people and people who have joint pains can jump in joy now. They do not lift anything fearing suffering more pains. They can easily overcome their joint pains with the following tips.
The page answers the question: "What do you give to the senior who has everything?" a particularly tricky question to answer.
Indian cricket has seen all high's and low's in it's time, but blaming only seniors in the recently concluded Australia series is bad
The benefits of experience and finding a mate in your sixties
Dealing with the fears and apprehensiveness of dating again as a sixty-year-old
For an octogenarian husband and wife traveling down Route 66 is a very different route than the one portrayed in the TV show of the same name.
It is a known fact that many seniors save when they’re young, and when they get to the age of sixty-five, they start spending it again. So why doesn't their opinion count?
Libra Coletti's favorite senior is wreaking havoc again, this time at the hospital.
Combine a stubborn senior with a big mouth Yankee, and you have me and Arthur.
Apparently Ryan O'Neal isn't the only angry senior citizen.
Vision boards can help everyone create the life they desire but this day they helped seniors create their vision upon returning home after recovering from surgery. Hooray!
Nothing prepared me for my first day of cleaning at Arthur's apartment.
I'm on call for the senior citizens in my community. Because I don't have enough to do.
Reduce your risk of heart disease by eating the right food, exercise, and right amount of lifestyle.
Life continues with the retirees, here are ways how to get more out of life during retirement age.
The “Silver Alert”, modeled on the Amber Alert program, is designed to help the LEAs (Law Enforcement Agencies) locate missing senior citizens in the United States. Unlike the Amber Alert program which does not swing into action until a child goes missing, the Silver Alert Program...
Research shows that every second one senior is added to the aging population of the world so as the growing popularity of senior citizens going online is increasing. The benefits of Internet are tremendous helping them to live happier life after retirement.
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