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I Am Slave is a movie about modern day slavery, you can watch the movie on YouTube.
There are many people who have been working for some one, some large organization or the government and has no owned anything for themselves. They live from hand to mouth after slaving everyday to make someone else rich.
The polarization of politics in America is tearing our nation apart. Conservatives and liberals agree on nearly nothing. The separate states of our country play for power against a powerful and growing federal government. Is unity the future of these united states we call America?
What is a compromise and is it always the best answer? How expensive can it be to put off tough decisions? Original column appeared in the Boonville (Missouri) Daily News on October 23, 2013.
Master Not Slave This poem is about a guy who feels rubbed by Internet guys.
Born slaves so feel .Its high time the intelligent woke up to grass root realities and not continue to cling to the mosses of the past Fungus also changes
This is a review of the impressive book of Frederick Douglass about the slave experience.
Man is born with a particular aptitude or passion. But in the midst of the realities he finds himself, he often does not often have the respite or freedom to harness it in life and find emotional and personal fulfilment.
When you work for a Boss From Hell you have to take certain precautions
Despite pleas, Christian Jay Vafeades strained one of his victims to know sex with him writer than 100 present.
About 12 million Africans were carried as human cargo across the Atlantic river purposely for slave labour. What a horrible deeds.
The joys of motherhood can be an exciting and a fulfilling experience, this is the African tale about a village belle called Nnu Ego, who thought she was being denied the joys of motherhood.
I stray into the dusty plains of Africa where magnificent animals run incredible..morph it does into the greed of men who went and disturbed the tribal glory to sell as slaves..
Modern day slavery is alive and flourishing all through-out the world.
So the Portugese find an uninhabited Paradise in the 15th century and then....?
There are many addictive and debilitating sins that hold people captive in their deadly grip...but that doesn't have to be the end of the story...
An Expressive Tribute to every freedom achieved and fought for a relieved life that exists today.
Christianity was an instrument of oppression and 300 years of history is long time that it did this.
The Afro-American is a distinct category in America. He has risen from slavery to the present position and now he has free rein to his dream
In today's world slavery is still very much a part of the world around us.
Jimmy is putting his plan in motion will he survive or will the slavers kill him and the other slaves?
Can Ruth convince the other slaves to help save their friends?
Ruth is a slave and her Master loves to play a game called Salve Runner; he and his friends chase and kill the slaves. If a slave makes it to the finish they get their freedom but there has never been a winner and her lover is now running for his life.
Is that T-shirt on your back a murder weapon? Are you a modern slave-master?
Misperceptions, the opinions of others and propaganda can cause us to miss opportunities that help formulate a more accurate view of life
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