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The story of how Liberia came to be is a shameful one that comes high up the list of history’s tragedies of social engineering.
In honor of the recent Presidents' Day, here is a very mixed profile on our third President, Thomas Jefferson.
The rapid decline of freedom in Stephen Harper's Canada
When most of us think of African slaves we thin of slavery in the United States in the 1800s.
The original premise for this story was ‘what if one was dreaming and one got so bored with whatever one was dreaming about that one dozed off in that dream and started dreaming within the dream’. But there is much more going on here.
Everyone wants to be free. People fight for freedom. Freedom is the dream of everyone. But in reality freedom seems to be in fetters everywhere!
A few things people may not know about the black history that was never published in the school books. If they were, I would have known about it. I read part of a story today that enlightened me on my own history -- black history.
Noam Chomsky, in an interview, has argued that blacks, who were first brought to America as slaves in 1619, have lived very few of those 400 years as free human beings.
Mankind is awash in suffering by the cards the Devil deals to man.
The story of the virtual disappearance of the people after whom the Caribbean Sea is named.
The American Civil War is often regarded as the culmination of Abraham Lincoln’s campaign to end slavery, but that is an over-simplification of his motives. His Emancipation Proclamation can be seen as having had an ulterior motive.
Man is born with a particular aptitude or passion. But in the midst of the realities he finds himself, he often does not often have the respite or freedom to harness it in life and find emotional and personal fulfilment.
This article is about how American culture was influenced by slavery.
William Wilberforce (1759-1833) was successful in his campaign to abolish the slave trade within the British Empire in 1807, and slavery itself in 1833, but, strange to tell, that did not make slavery illegal in Great Britain itself.
This is a movie review about American author Alex Haley's grandmother Queen. The movie described her life and how she carried her upbringing with her through most of her adulthood
I Am Slave is a movie about modern day slavery, you can watch the movie on YouTube.
There are many people who have been working for some one, some large organization or the government and has no owned anything for themselves. They live from hand to mouth after slaving everyday to make someone else rich.
The polarization of politics in America is tearing our nation apart. Conservatives and liberals agree on nearly nothing. The separate states of our country play for power against a powerful and growing federal government. Is unity the future of these united states we call America?
What is a compromise and is it always the best answer? How expensive can it be to put off tough decisions? Original column appeared in the Boonville (Missouri) Daily News on October 23, 2013.
Master Not Slave This poem is about a guy who feels rubbed by Internet guys.
Born slaves so feel .Its high time the intelligent woke up to grass root realities and not continue to cling to the mosses of the past Fungus also changes
This is a review of the impressive book of Frederick Douglass about the slave experience.
When you work for a Boss From Hell you have to take certain precautions
Despite pleas, Christian Jay Vafeades strained one of his victims to know sex with him writer than 100 present.
About 12 million Africans were carried as human cargo across the Atlantic river purposely for slave labour. What a horrible deeds.
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