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After Brazil the Italian soccer team has won the most World Cups. As such, historically Italian soccer has had some great teams and soccer players. These are a few of the great Italian soccer players.
The 1970 World Cup, held in Mexico, was one that had some great attacking soccer. England were the defending champions; Brazil were at their best while West Germany and Italy also had very good sides. It was one of the best World Cups in the tournament's history.
The FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League are the best club and international soccer events. So comparisons can be drawn between them.
There have been some variety of soccer video games. These games tend to be of a series with updates and sequels. As such, it is worth considering some of the best soccer video game series, and some of their more notable soccer game titles.
The Brazilians are very passionate about the sport of soccer. For Brazil, the sport of soccer is most probably their national sport, and one that the Brazil soccer team have long been established as one of the best in the world. As such, in Brazil soccer is a part of Brazil's culture.
A brief overview of the FIFA World Cup, it's history and structure.
The European Championship is a pan-European continental tournament, while the World Cup has teams from all continents. They are two soccer tournaments that have differences and similarities.
This article covers how UEFA could expand the Champions League.
The FIFA World Cup is a famous soccer cup that includes 32 of the best teams from around the world. It kicks-off with an opening game that includes the host nation of the cup, although previously it was the World Cup champions that began the tournament. In this opening game some excit...
The 1986 World Cup in Mexico had a few contenders. The usual West Germany, Italy and Brazil were among the favorites along with Argentina, with the gifted Maradona. The winners had the player who provided the key to unlock the tournament.
The FIFA World Cup is the best soccer championship with up to 32 of the best teams. Overall, the World Cup has a few notable traditions that have been continued in the tournament.
Forget about Brazil, Argentina are a team that have had some superb soccer players. Both past and present, with such talent they have had some of the best teams in the Fifa World Cup, winning in 1986 and 1978. So here are a few of the great players to have played for the Argentina soc...
The FIFA World Cup final is the biggest game in international soccer. As the deciding game of the tournament, it includes the two best teams in the finals. While not all World Cup matches have been especially exciting, there have been a few great finals.
The FIFA World Cup has had many great games. There are a few matches that can be considered classic World Cup games. The matches had great players, teams, plenty of goals and enthralling football.
There have been a number of great goals scored in the FIFA World Cup. However, there have also been a few controversial goals scored in that tournament. Such goals have been controversial simply because they are disputed, with some suggesting that they were not valid goals. These are ...
FIFA introduced the Golden Goal to reduce the number of penalty shoot-outs in soccer cup games. The first team to score during the extra-time period won the game. That was the Golden Goal that was supposed to transform the international soccer cup matches, but it didn't have much impa...
A brief history of the Mexico soccer team primarily in the FIFA World Cup.
The England soccer team has had many great players. Only a few of their players have won the World Cup, but England have usually played in the finals and gone close in others. These are a few the England team's best eleven players, organized as a 4 - 4 - 2 formation.
The FA (Football Association) Cup has long been the most exciting domestic soccer cup in the game. As it brings together non-league teams alongside Premier League sides it is one of the few that combines lower league soccer with the pro game. FA Cup giants usually emerge victorious in...
Wembley was, and still is, a great English stadium. Of course, times have changed; and a new, modern stadium, that as of yet has little history, has replaced the old Wembley. So much of Wembley's history is with the former stadium, originally called the Empire stadium. It was there th...
Italy and Argentina are giants of the FIFA World Cup. The Italians have won the trophy four times, and Argentina twice. Whilst there have not been that many Italy vs Argentina fixtures, the teams have still met five times in the World Cup. These are the five games they have played in ...
The FIFA World Cup has had some great players and teams. Such teams include not only those that have won the cup, but also a few sides that were not able to win the trophy. So here are a few of the great sides that have played in the FIFA World Cup.
Liverpool's teams have won seven FA Cups and reached other finals. They are FA Cup giants that usually make it to the quarter and semifinals with regularity. The Reds have had some cracking games in the cup.
The game of football (or soccer) has a rich history unrivaled by most other sports. This history, generally great, occasionally tragic, has created the game's tournaments, traditions and culture that have made the sport.
Whilst the FA Cup final might be the Ascot of English soccer, the matches played in the round before are often more exciting. The cup semifinals includes four teams that are just one game from the Wembley showpiece. As none of the teams are playing at home, the semifinals are similar ...
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