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A brief postwar history of the FIFA World Cup tournament.
The Hungary national team of today is not one of the top teams in the world, and did not make it to the 2010 World Cup. However, in the early 1950s this was not the case as the Hungarian soccer team was the best soccer team of the era, and one of the great soccer teams. As such, it wa...
There have been some very exciting games in the Champions League. With Europe's top players and teams, here are a few of the great games.
A brief overview of the Villa Park soccer stadium.
A brief guide to some of the laws of soccer (otherwise football).
The Premiership is one of Europe’s best leagues. Some of the best teams in Europe battle it out for the coveted title. However, in some seasons there has been little contest as the great teams have won the trophy by a comfortable margin. These are a few of the great sides in Premier...
A brief history of the Denmark soccer team at World Cup and Euro Championships.
In the modern game teams have gradually adopted soccer formations with fewer forward players. They are soccer formations that place greater emphasis on keeping clean sheets than scoring lots of goals. Consequently, they keep most of the team in their own half, and place just one playe...
Whilst the majority of soccer formations have four at the back, there are some alternatives which remove the full-backs. Without any full-backs, three center-backs are included in defense. These are the soccer formations that include three at the back.
A brief history of England vs Portugal soccer games.
This article covers the closest Premiership title races.
The UEFA European Championship is a cup that includes the best teams and players from Europe. However, only a few have scored hat-tricks in the championship. Yet there have still been some great hat-tricks in the Euros, and these are a few of the more notable.
Spain's team has won the UEFA European Championship three times. Alongside Germany they have dominated European soccer. Spain's triumphs in the Euro cup date back to the earlier tournaments. These are a few of the team's great games in the UEFA European Championships.
The FIFA Dream Team is a selection of eleven of the best players to have played football. A poll on the FIFA website selected the team, and it certainly does have some interesting player selections. The poll selected the following players.
Barcelona is one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world, so perhaps not surprisingly they have had some great players. Both of the past and present, some of the best soccer players in the world have played for Barcelona FC. These are a few of the great players who have starred for t...
Football Manager 2013 is one of the most exciting football manager games to date! To win a few trophies with your club or promotion, a few new additions to your squad may well be required. These are a few players that you should consider adding to your teams.
Marzeus cannot believe it - he's only been playing for thirty seconds, and already he can barely breathe! The same goes for Father however. "Let's play only up to three goals", suggests Marzeus. "Let's make that five", says Father.
While there have been a number of FIFA World Cups, not all World Cup winning teams were that great. Most recently, Italy maybe is not the best World Cup winning team since 1930. Then, however, there has been some great football teams, which have lifted the World Cup.
The FIFA World Cup is perhaps the best football championship. It has featured great teams and players, from past and present generations. Here are a few great World Cup players.
A brief history of the Brazil soccer team in the FIFA World Cup.
In the FIFA World Cup, forwards are often considered the best players. However, goalkeepers are also key players for teams. There have been some great goalkeepers in the World Cup who have made some terrific saves and kept a number of clean sheets. The Lev Yashin award is now given to...
Soccer playmakers can be key players in a team. They provide a link between midfield and attack, thus making chances for the forward players. As such, soccer playmakers are usually attacking midfield players who have creativity, flair, and an eye for goal. Here are a few of the great ...
The game of soccer has championships of various formats. Essentially, they are really league or cups. However, some of the best soccer championships actually include more of a mix of the two formats. Great soccer championships such as the World Cup, European Championship and Champions...
It is difficult to say which are the five best goals scored in the FIFA World Cup. Given the number of great goals scored, it is certainly something open to debate. Fans have their favorites, although there are a few goals that have been scored in the FIFA World Cup that had the pundi...
This article includes a brief history of the Holland soccer team.
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