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The rivalry series chronicled by this sport's fan analysis on the two biggest name in the history of FOOTBALL unfolding in our time the MESSI- RONALDO rivalry.
India, a country of a billion people, has an abysmal sports record
The Big Three Clubs in Portugal, The History Portuguese Football League
The explaination of these 2 big clubs " The Portuguese Rilvary"
The continuing series of sports greatest rivalries, this time featuring Soccer's most successful team in this generation- Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.
The draw has been made for the 4th round of the FA Cup, and it would appear that Manchester United might well have landed an automatic ticket to the 5th round.
The 3rd Round of the FA Cup is when the "Big Boys" come to play. many of them were in action in Sunday against teams from lower divisions. How did they fare?
In the American form of football, the foot is rarely used. The kicker and punter are viewed as exotic anomalies and not as “real football players.” So why not rename football and give soccer its rightful name? And let's rename a few other things while we're at it.
A recap of the results from games played on January 1st, 2015
As a lover of football also known as Soccer, I carried out a question and answer interview with a professional footballer, about Respect and professional footballers
American Football is a popular game. My grandsons love it and get excited while watching it on TV. I, however, find it a funny game.
Blazer and his school soccer team play a game on a very muddy field.
After Brazil Italy has won the second highest number of FIFA World Cups. As such, Italian soccer teams have a long and impressive history in the FIFA World Cup, in which they have played in six finals and won four of them. Their first World Cup victories date back to the prewar era of...
Gentle and kind people can turn in raving lunatics when in comes to their children and sports. As a Soccer mom and a Hockey mom, this is a story of a weekend that was supposed to be a wonderful experience for children and their families and how it took a turn for the very worst.
Soccer, long seen as less than a major American sport, has finally arrived. Here is a brief recap of a new phenomenon.
Your last game was memorable...'re unforgettable Your last game was memorable...
Will you be watching the World Cup over the coming weeks, for me I won't be doing, maybe if England gets in to the semi finals then I might.
It is some of the remarkable events in the history of Football World Cup. Have you already known these facts?
So did David Moyes deserve to be sacked by Manchester United or should they have given him more time to turn things around.
Real Madrid plays tonight against Rayo Vallecano (23:00, Digi 2) after two consecutive failures with Barcelona and Sevilla. Madrilenii already 3 points leader Atletico
Since the inauguration of the National Arena, Steaua Bucharest, leader of the League 1 has not lost any match in domestic competitions in the stadium that held the Europa League final on May 9, 2012. Steaua have played 16 matches in the championship match of the Cup and Romanian Super...
When the draw was made for soccer's Europe 2016 qualifying matches Northern Ireland were drawn to play Finland on a Sunday, causing a stir generating talk show rows and newspaper front page headlines
The illusion of getting one of the three tickets for the World Under 20 in Canada this year is the greatest desire of the national team, which will start today at 15.30 to Cayman Islands where Premundial category will be played . National Selected expect to meet expectations and get ...
Morales' team is one of the favorites to shine in the next tournament, after playing two consecutive finals. Heredia is still seeking reinforcements for next season and had a rapprochement with Isaula Oscar , he is also interested in four more contracts .
Paul Casgoine, famously known as Gazza, is a former England international footballer. Playing as a midfielder, he began his professional career with local club Newcastle United in 1985.
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