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Almost one year since President Obama announced that the United States and the European Union would start "talks on a comprehensive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership" (TTIP) "because trade that is fair and free across the Atlantic supports millions of good-paying American...
Have you ever wondered why trafficking of young ladies and girls could be done easily in many countries? Why do some bachelors have to buy wives?
When comparing the procedures which are to lead to the biggest bilateral trade agreement ever negotiated, the weaknesses of the ever evolving European Union appear blatantly. They resound the fear of those who see in the prospective Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership a pot...
Amethyst is one of many silicate gemstones. Simply silicon dioxide, SiO2, amethyst is the violet variety of quartz, which is white. Much myth, mystery, and skeptical science surrounds its purple color. Let’s see what’s behind that pretty purple hue.
Who are the men traded for US citzen/soldier Bowe Bergdahl? Read about one of the five here.
Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa, one of the five Taliban leaders traded for US citizen/soldier Bowe Bergdahl. Read his short biography in terrorism here.
Learn about one of the Taliban Five. This man was traded, along with four others, for US citizen/soldier Bowe Bergdahl.
Read about Mullah Mohammad Fazl, one of the five men traded for US soldier/citizen Bowe Bergdahl.
All I wanted to know was where my onyx bowls came from. Now I know. I bought some beautiful onyx bowls from a young Pakistani at the Tucson Gem Show. He gave me a business card describing the source of the onyx and explained that the ranting, raving, angry old man at the booth was h...
My full chart of stuff Angel and Buffy stuff (comics and action figures) looking to trade or sell (in terms of the action figures).
Well we're ready to trade content. Instructions and full trading list as of September 2014.
The end of one adventure is just the beginning of the next.
Give fate a large enough adventure and it will change many lives...
Cotu to emerge bigger in fight for workers plight, vows powerful executive member Maurice Misori
investors Office in Tbilisi, Georgia, who has invested money for the establishment of the Office, the Broker Gets the MFX 10% of the investment for the second quarter of operation of the Office.
This is a poem dedicated to all wikinutters. When I first started, I was so desperate for a Star page that I write my articles not so passionately but for the stars and I get disappointed. When I gave up and started writing with passion, then the stars came, kept on coming and do not ...
The need to criticize activism is as necessary as criticizing cronyism between big business and government is.
The auditor should apply tests to see that the stock in trade has been appropriately and correctly valued. If fails in his duty he will be held responsible.
On this 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, we humbly remember a better, more sacred time in our nation’s history, filled with blood, and the tatters of a great man’s legacy!
what is scalping in forex trading and how to handle the risk while using this trading method.
OK I know that title sounds strange, Saddam was executed for war crimes long ago, even so recent developments in the global economy suggest the ultimate victory in his war against U.S. Dominance in the middle east may yet be his.
The historical story of William Adams, the English pilot who became a Samurai and advisor to the Shogun
Do you know, you can start forex without using your own money. In this article I will talk about that. Just send me a message if you want to know more about it.
Find Out Why Forex Trader Good in Demo Account but Failed in Real Account
Here some reviews and an article is shared with the readers about global economies
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