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Hillary Clinton had to reestablish herself with Democratic voters. She passed this test with flying colors.
If only Hillary Clinton could recapture the spirit of her address to the U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women held 20 years ago in China.
The era of New Labour and New Democrats aping the positions of the Tories and the Republicans appears to be over.
It is a dream for many Indian students to get into prestigious colleges or Universities abroad, especially in United States and live a life of their dreams much better than what they can have in India. True, they are ready for hard work and are not lazy people. However, what they do n...
Restoring progressive tax rates, abandoning bad trade agreements and strengthening labor unions are ways to reduce income inequality. Controlling spiraling education costs, apartment rents and mortgages are also needed to combat poverty.
When will the American middle class and working people realize that higher top tax rates on the richest among us would benefit everyone?
Documentary from Oscar Winning filmmaker explores the demise of Eliot Spitzer
The income disparity gap continues to widen just because of the practices of wall Street and a political system that encourages the great divide.
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From the Let Them Eat Cake Department: Republicans in Congress have eliminated food stamp assistance for 1.3 million people today, December 28th, so wouldn't it be great if those unfortunate people could be helped out by those lucky people on Wall Street?
I probably should be a little cynical about the stock market and other ways of investing, but I’m not. As a member of the millennial generation, I haven’t been investing for very long. But I plan to stay become more invested in the stock market and eventually invest in real estate...
There is a sinister objective tied to Obama's rush to make war on Syria.
How Wall Street continues to reap billions of dollars profit every year.
The economic outlook for the United States remains pretty bleak thanks to our most stupendous leaders of state.
If I live in Germany, I will never become a German; if I live in Moscow I will never be a Russian and if I live in Mexico I will never be considered a Mexican. But, immigrate to the US and after a period of time, a test and a ceremony you will be welcomed as an American.
When the Attorney General of the United States declared that he could not prosecute big banks because doing so would send shock waves through the economy, Bernie Sanders had heard enough.
When Elizabeth Warren speaks, Wall Street trembles.
There are so many other ways our government could raise revenue than off the backs of the middle class and the poor. Here are a few of them.
Are we as Americans hiding our heads in the sand while right under our noses the private and anonymous owners of the Federal Reserve Bank are plotting a "New World Order" to destroy America and create a world dominated dictatorship? This poem resonates what I have learned.
This series of articles will show you the thought process of how I invested over the last five years. I'm not an expert, I don't even know that much about the market and I'm probably a lot like most of you so sit back and have a look at what I did over the past half decade.
The central premise of Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots, that of the figurative 99% versus the 1%, is a sham, even if its supporters don't know it. The inclination to simplistically divide society into the mega-rich and everyone else is not only unrealistic, it's idiotic. Greed in...
The public offer of shares in Facebook; going from high to Zucked.
At Citibank, shareholders are in revolt against executive pay packages.
Now that spring has arrived the occupy movement is being resurrected.
Those poor CEO's on Wall Street. How will they ever make do?
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