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Global warming hypothesis sends a team of experts to the South Pole to prove their predictions, only to have nature tell them in no uncertain terms – You’re wrong!
heating is more and more, and there are many things to do to safe earth and your life and your future too.
How the northern peninsula of France became the Island nations of Great Britain
Recent studies have revealed that over a TRILLION tons - that is 1000X a BILLION - of greenhouse methane, alongside carbon dioxide, could be released into the atmosphere as a result, with potentially devastating consequences.
People now can reduce their over size by transplanting brown fat, which burns calorie by that they can reduce the diabetes.
Humanity is on the edge of one of the most pivotal moments in environmental history - loss of sea ice will cause raising global temperatures - impacting on human ability to grow food as extreme weather becomes more commonplace around the world.
The ice is quite clearly thinning considerably around the edges, altering the overall ice mass of Greenland as warming ocean waters eat away at the ice
This geologically recent warm period would have seen the interior of the continent somewhat resembling modern New Zealand and Chilean tundra areas, while the coastal areas would have been heavily forested
My thoughts on my beautiful daughter straight from the heart.
It has been estimated that the Arctic permafrost is the storeroom for possibly billions of tonnes of methane gas, locked in the frozen ground, which extends for a vast distance into the seabed of the relatively shallow East Siberian Arctic Shelf sea from the mainland.
Polar Bears are not necessarily a doomed species, because most scientists believe that enough ice will remain around the north-west of Greenland and the north-east of Canada to support a reasonable population.
The Russian team published a 2010 study which estimated annual methane emissions from this region at 8,000,000 tons a year, but the latest findings make this seem a gross underestimate of the real situation.
The already gigantic burden on the environment may become just too great unless positive action is taken on a global scale.
Many are possibly unaware that ice in the Arctic region has a vital role to play in regulating the climate of the planet.
Urgent action being vitally important is now an indisputable need, because the environment in which storms form has dramatically altered, global hydrological cycles altering through atmospheric and oceanic warming.
Entomologist and television presenter Dr George McGavin commented that keeping small things out of the country is all but impossible, and insects will always find a way to get in
Many countries apparently now favour postponing talks until 2018, including the UK, Japan and Russia. Not that the problem is particular to the developing world, because throughout the developed world there are plans for fossil-fuelled power stations contributing significantly to futu...
Over the past 70 years, research has revealed that species of plankton, normally only found in the Pacific have now become common in the Atlantic, moving through an Arctic sea-ice passage that has opened up.
A preliminary report by international marine experts tells of global ocean conditions being far worse than was imagined.
This report is about weather manipulation and the effects that it has on our planet
The planet could even be heading for a mini ice-age. the last time this affected the UK, in the 17th century, there were frost fairs held on the frozen river Thames in London
The longest day is at an end, and before too many months are out, that chilly winter wind will be whistling around...Time to get all nice, snug and cosy in bed, and my fella wants a new 'toy' to play with....
Broth is a comfort food, a warming, hearty and tasty meal in itself. While the weather remains blustering and there’s a chill in the air, why not treat yourself to this healthy, hearty soup?
Another short poem about the mood swings I often experience and my response to such.
This wonderful recipe is a great winter warmer, a nutritional wonderland and a tasty treat at that. It’s fairly quick, very easy and the most expensive ingredient is the squash itself.
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