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Even those who think nothing of giving everything they have as the right thing to do become aware their efforts are being taken advantage by few who are out to exploit their kindness causing a pall of gloom. The giving and taking highlights our attitude to life and it may well be give...
We have all heard the saying "There are not enough hours in the day". As it turns out, there are ways to prioritize everything without feeling as though you are always running out of time.
As I did my morning crossword in the back of my mind I was pondering on what to write about on my first page and noticed how much I was resisting sitting at my computer to start....and then the tears came when I thought about gratitude....
In the name of beliefs, few manage to dictate their wicked agenda. The irony is the vast majority are held hostage by few by setting one against another playing on our emotions. When common sense is allowed full play, our differences fade away. Our goal is clear - mutual coexistence d...
Ups and downs in life are compared to the weather and an old town clock in this poem. While we can't change certain things, there is hope in acceptance and I believe the ability to adapt leads to well being in our lives.
Over the last week, almost every weather type has graced the UK with its presence; warm, bright sunshine, torrential rain, fleeting thunderstorms and even a suspected tornado. Just last month however, the Met Office was forecasting the “hottest summer yet” for the UK, as the long...
An 18-year-old college freshman who was struck by a car as she was walking to class and seriously injured, and doctors thought she had little to no chance of surviving with her faculties intact. Then, a miracle happened...Read on.
When you set goals follow through with them and they can make some of the best times or even bring about more challenges.
Sleep apnea is condition when the breathing completely stops for a few seconds up to a minute. The patient does not realize that breathing has stopped. If sleep apnea is not treated it can lead to life threatening conditions. There are many ways to treat sleep apnea.
It is important to eat food items with low Glycemic Index to lead a healthy life and avoid conditions like Diabetes, weight gain, Hirsutism, Polycystic Ovariesis, Hyperinsulinemia. The short form of Glycemic Index is GI. A food item with low Glycemic Index will cause a slow and a mod...
When we break up with our lover we are going to feel sad and depressed. It is a natural part of grieving.
The need of the hour is a change in our lifestyle and focus on the right priorities. Whatever progress we make in scientific and technological fields will prove of little value if we do not have the basic for a fulfilling life - Peace of Mind. That requires an awareness of what motiva...
Tai Chi (Taiji) is a Chinese exercise designed to relax the body and mind, and to increase physical and mental energy (chi). The result is better health and a feeling of well-being.
A poem that expresses the happiness and joy of nature itself...
Stress effects your body in ways you would never have thought it could.
Did you know that sex can boost your immunity and reduce your pain? Sex can improve your overall health in ways you haven't even imagined! Read on to find out how to get healthy with sex.
If you are looking for a way to relieve stress, consider taking a walk!
The air-conditioner is an essential appliance nowadays – especially during the relentless summer heat. But are you aware that this hardworking machine shares a relationship with Fengshui principles too? Read on to find out more.
Getting from the convenience of availability to the reward of healthy activity. Ask better questions and define whats really at hand. Better choices are more frequently achieved when purpose and enjoyment are in the plans.
Recently, you feel tired more often? You are less productive in your work? You feel you are becoming older quickly? What can you do to improve your health status and get back more energy? Well, we are pleased to offer you three simple tips to help you improve your well-being quickly a...
A look at a soul's sovereign right to choose to be here or not and the recent passing of Dr. Kevorkian, champion of this right.
Purines are an important chemical component in our genes but when we eat too many foods containing purines, we put ourselves at risk and illness can occur. Read on to find out more.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) was once thought a myth, something people made up for having an upset stomach. This has long since been dis-proven and is considered one of the fastest growing syndromes in the world. But help is at hand with new research. Read on to find out more.
Most people like the flavour of ginger but don't think much about it's health benefits. It is especially useful at this time of year, when people are riddled with colds and eating huge meals. Read on to learn more about just how good this root is for you.
Getting help for a depression disorder isn't all that easy, unless there are family and friends that are able to help with getting the professional help needed. This article helps to point out some of the signs and symptoms of depression.
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