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The FIFA World Cup has had some fantastic teams, and the best have scored plenty of goals in the finals. Among the national sides that usually top score in the cup are Brazil, Germany, France and Argentina. These are the teams that have scored the most number of World Cup goals.
The FIFA World Cup is a soccer cup that today includes 32 of the world's best sides. However, the great teams are always from Europe and South America. The other confederation teams don't usually make much impact, and most go out in the first round. The weakest teams in the tournament...
The FIFA World Cup is a soccer tournament dominated by a handful of teams. Five teams have won the tournament more than once, while a few other sides have won one World Cup. These are the sides that have won the most FIFA cups.
Most of the world's top soccer teams, except for Brazil and Argentina, are European sides. As they usually dominate the FIFA World Cup, a number of Europe's sides have won lots of silverware. These are the European teams that have won the most major trophies in international soccer.
The United States won the Women's World Cup for a record third time yesterday with a 5-2 victory over Japan.
Only a few soccer team managers have ever won the FIFA World Cup. The great managers of the World Cup have done that and managed some great teams. These are a few of the great soccer managers of the World Cup.
The FIFA World Cup has had some great games and goals. Last-minute winning or equalizer goals have been scored in a number of FIFA World Cup games. These are a few of great goals scored in the final minutes of the tournament's games.
The World Cup has had some great teams. Great teams that were either winners of the World Cup, or sides that did not quite go the distance in their tournament, but were still very good! Here are a few of the best sides not to have won the tournament.
Since the soccer World Cup began, Brazil and Argentina aside, the tournament has been something of European stronghold. Most of the tournament's best players have been Europeans. These are a few of the best European soccer players to have graced the FIFA World Cup.
England have had some very good teams in the FIFA World Cup. As such, the team has played a few great games in the tournament against sides such as Germany, Brazil and Argentina. From '66 onwards, here are a few of the team's great matches.
It is a humorous story on the recently concluded Cricket World Cup 2015 in Australia & New Zealand.
The FIFA World Cup has had some great goals. When players such as Pele, Cruijff and Ronaldo play you can expect some fine soccer, and some perhaps some great goals too. So here are a few of the great goals scored in the World Cup.
Soccer has a few famous trophies at both national and club level. Famous trophies are given to the winners of some of soccer's biggest cups and leagues. Here are a few of the famous soccer trophies.
When a team has won two FIFA Women's World Cup titles, four Olympic gold medals and 10 Algarve Cups since 1991, that team probably has produced plenty of stars. That certainly has been the case with the U.S. Women's Soccer Team. During this golden age in U.S. soccer, who are the Top 1...
What a difference a year makes. Last year was a disaster for the U.S. at the annual Algarve Cup. But this year was a return to form.
With the 11th Cricket World Cup about to get underway in Australia and New Zealand, Colin Perry looks back at a previous tournament, which heralded several new eras in the sport.
A brief analysis of India's chances at defending the World Cup
Here you can check all about news and matches information about ICC One Day World Cup 2015. In short matches information ,schedule and understand the world cup matches from this article
A tardiness animal has become a popular for the World Cup Mascot. Did you know the fresh out of World Cup 2014 moment in Brazil choose animals like the anteater?
Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup a record five times. As such, they have had some of the best teams in the history of the FIFA World Cup. Brazil’s World Cup winning teams date back to 1958 when they first won the FIFA World Cup.
After Brazil Italy has won the second highest number of FIFA World Cups. As such, Italian soccer teams have a long and impressive history in the FIFA World Cup, in which they have played in six finals and won four of them. Their first World Cup victories date back to the prewar era of...
World football 2014...It was a treat to watch the World Football Cup for 2014
Congratulating Gemans on achieving to win the World Cup for a fourth time.
Germany defeated Argentina to become the World Cup champions. It was a tense match that went into extra time, where Germany finally managed to break the deadlock for the victory.
Argentina beat Netherlands, in a match that went down to wire, to advance to the finals of the World Cup.
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