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European nations have given their generally sponsorship to moving the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to the winter, Britain's FIFA VP has affirmed.
News regarding 2015 world cup announcement by ICC.
Brazil became the winners of 2013 Confederations Cup and they have reached a milestone in their history. Now they are aiming for the next World Cup.
Tahiti bow out of the cup with 24 goal conceded. They have however won the heart of many with their play
The race for the remaining 31 countries in world cup next year has suprise contenders... will your country be there?
This article is on the chances of Indian team to win ICC Champions Trophy
Making inanimate objects talk is a wizard's trait. Here is a tribute to wizards on the cricket pitch who gave the 'cherry' a voice.
This article highlights the debacle Indian cricket team suffered after the world cup glory. Who are to be blamed for this and also the possible reasons for this debacle.
This page about a person who has become an epitome for longevity,success,perseverance,passion and u just keep adding on.People simply call him GOD or in other words Sachin Tendulkar who is practically playing in his last World cup probabaly the only glory this genius hasn't tasted.For...
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Lots of women like playing football. Do you know that there are women’s football teams? Moreover there was a Women's World Cup in 1999.
Paul you can do wonders for us as we see our only hope in you, Please come to India.
About my bet on the semi-finals of the 2010 World Cup.
They World Cup fever is on and everyone's waiting for the finals. The war will go between Netherlands and Spain. Who do you think will win?
Who will win the 2010 World Cup? Life has parallels and so does football.
During the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, Vuvuzelas have become one things that always used by the people to support their country. Vuvuzelas has become the hallmark in this four years event. The plastic trumpets becomes more annoying as the World Cup reach the final.
If you talk about football in whichever country, outside of the United States, you will possibly obtain an enthusiastic reply followed by severe remarks on details of the team.
Another World Cup, another disappointing display from the English national team. So what needs to change?
World Cup Football Finals, like life, repeat themselves. Let us look at first and second place finishes from 1930 onwards and we will observe the trends.
this is the facts about the world cup past winners
For those countries wanting to win the World Cup, there is no place like home. Home advantage means just that - advantage at home. To host the World Cup often means to hoist the World Cup, high in the air.
Despite a lot of negative press, South Africa is a fantastic tourist destination. The people are friendly and helpfuland there is so much to experience - from the hustle and bustle of the big cities to the huge tracts of open veld containing endangered wildlife. South Africa has prist...
Excitement is high - will South Africa beat Uruguay?
On a recent trip to Genting Highland, my friend gained enough points to participate in the lucky draw. The lucky draw required her to select the winning team of World Cup 2010. Who will win World Cup 2010?
Watch television through internet has increased in popularity in the last years. Sometimes events are not broadcasted by your local TV company or you simply don't have a Television near you, these are a couple of circumstances where you would want to have another option. Stream Torren...
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