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Short obituary for actor and stuntman Alan Marcus.
A poem to celebrate 70 years of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Following the demise of king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, queen Ellizabeth has now become the oldest monarch of the world. The 88 years old queen was two years younger than the king Abdullah.
Matrix (movie) star Keanu Reeves new action-thriller movie 'John wick' full review Including a Download link.
Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders who is playing in his Pro Bowl in Glendale Arizona said he had a chat with quarterback Peyton Manning recently. Manning told Sanders in a text message he plans to play football in 2015 so that can pursue his dream of winning his second Sup...
UFC 182 succeeded in delivering a match that expressed clearly enough that Conor McGregor is back. After an ACL injury forced him to the sidelines, he came back with a vengeance.
Ernie Banks, one of baseball's most beloved superstars, excelled on and off the field as a joyful star and goodwill ambassador.
The USA and Canada have been plagued with school and university shootings and Montreal, Quebec is no exception.
An inferno engulfed the luxury Avalon at the city of Edgewater, New Jersey located along the Hudson River across from Manhattan.
A squandered moment for the President when he gave this past State of The Union Address.
They prey on the most vulnerable people in the poorest countries to harvest their organs. Living donors sell kidneys, pieces of their liver, corneas, lungs, segments of intestines and eyeballs. While most of us can still live a long life without some of these body parts, many donors e...
Atomic scientists are doing all they can to warn us that we have set ourselves on the road to catastrophe by ignoring climate change and the threat of nuclear war.
Limited Overs cricket records broken at the Wanderers in Johannesburg in a match between South Africa and the West Indies
To commemorate the BBC's "Democracy Day", I'm launching a "sprawling novel-like" analysis of mental health provision in the UK and elsewhere. These articles offer a holistic view of my past and on-going interactions with various Norfolk and Barbados-based individuals and organization...
A powerful new paper authored by Englishman Andrew Montford reviewed the demonization of CO2, the beneficial substance of life on earth. Published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, the paper examines the unintended, unexpected, patently damaging consequences of carbon mitigati...
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