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Two decades ago, rap icon 2Pac dropped his epic double-album, "All Eyez On Me" on Death Row Records.
TTIP, the Trans Atlantic Trade And Investment Partnership is being promoted bt the US government and the EU Commission as a free trade deal that will create thousands of jobs and bring economic benefits to partners. It's critics however claim it is a blatant attempt to shift power fro...
PNR Status stands for Passenger Name Record Status. As the name refers, it consists the record of every individual passenger which is going to journey in the particular train for a specific schedule.
The journey of one Thomas O'Mally a white Irish slave.
Irrespective of what your project is, having a voice over on it can enhance audience’s perception, captures their attention and makes the project fun.
Coming from far behind in the polls, Bernie steamrolled his way to a virtual tie in the Iowa caucuses, a feat which was unthinkable a few short months ago.
Functional merits by the property development project management services are the reason to make the construction industry successful. Techniques used by them leads the business-heads to profitability on time.
Global warming has been the talk around the world with several world leaders meeting in Paris to discuss the ramifications of Global warning.
A self promotional page of the author's mind, artwork and some literary pieces in response to being selected as "Author of the Day". The feat can be daunting but also rewarding.
This is an updated guide for 2016 that shines some light on the increasing popularity of 'phishing scams'.
Shockwaves are being felt throughout the music industry as several high profile musicians and other women in the business come forward with allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against the CEO of a major music public relations firm, exposing the pervasive sexism and male-domin...
I wonder what the big deal is with the big endorsement of Mr Trump by Ms Sarah Palin. Is it possible that the GOP Tea Party will run a Trump- Palin Ticket for the White House next year? Boy what a pairing that will be.
Holding a Convention of States–COS–is America's last chance to save herself from the destruction caused by a government drunk with its own power. It is, in short, our last chance. Alas, however, the Party of Fear is still at large, running amok in South Carolina and other parts of...
In my second open letter to Norfolk Police Chief Constable Simon Bailey, I decry and 'deconstruct' a legal threat made by my local MP Clive Lewis in response to my criticism of him in the first letter. I not only include a copy of the email in which the legal threat is made but also ...
What is a Rig Survey? A Rig Survey is a planned, systematic and critical process to identify defects and irregularities in equipments and system. Such defects and threats are pointed out in order to prevent them from affecting personnel, operations and environment.
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