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Bob Dylan to Release "The Basement Tapes" in November...with track listing.
Meriam Ibrahim's case caught the world's attention. However, hers is not the only one. There is another woman, Faiza Abdallah, who faces an eerily similar situation.
Just a compilation of some subjects we were debating about at last night backyard barbecue.
GATE is national level Indian exam for engineers. Apply for GATE exam and secure your seat in IITs exam if you got good marks in your score card. All details regarding GATE 2015 available here
The second and final live televised debate on the upcoming Scottish referendum on independence — voters in Scotland go to the polls on September 18 — took place Monday evening. Scottish National Party (SNP) Leader and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond was judged the clear winn...
Gaddafi is gone but my mind veers to another facet of Gaddafi, his women body guards. These women guards wore lipstick, make up, chic dresses and high heels and strutted about holding automatics and this was disliked by Islamic fundamentalists.
The guitar is arguably the world's most recognizable instrument. It is no doubt assisted by its 4000 year lineage
The right wing in this country throws a lot of lies out there and keeps repeating them until they are believed by many. It is an orchestrated political strategy.
We have lost many celebrities, well-known and well-loved. We also recently lost an American hero...but without all the fanfare and tributes. What a terrible shame.
Texas Governor Rick Perry made a bid for the 2012 White House and is signaling interest again for 2016. His admirers respected the man most for his plan for a prosperous America. Would the nation be different if Perry were president? You bet! Let’s have a look how.
In 2014, some unfortunate changes happened in skilled migration scheme of Australia. Here discussion is related to skilled-nominated permanent visa subclass 190
Snake plant is not only a beautiful ornament in the house or office but an air purifier and a good source of quality fibers to support local handicraft enterprises.
Yahoo Inc. is planning a rival to the Youtube Video service, which is under Google. Will they succeed in their plans?
Selling one's body has been done since time immemorial, but had been looked down upon by present-day norms as immoral. Can those involve in the flesh trade not think of a better way of livelihood which commands respect and dignity?
The author admits she's no good at self-promotion, or fanning, following, "liking" just for the sake of getting views. She discusses her mismanagement of social media.
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