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Houston Texans rookie linebacker Jadeveon Clowney who has not played football since he torn his meniscus muscle in the first week of the current football season will likely be back in the Texans starting lineup on Sunday.
The Parole Board has decided to recommend the release of triple killer Harry Roberts
While a prayer vigil was being held for Asia Bibi, a woman sentenced to death by hanging for her religious beliefs, another woman was in court, trying to save herself from a forced marriage and conversion.
US labour authorities have penalised a Silicon Valley company for "grossly underpaying" eight workers from India.
Motorcycles are frequently discovered on our roads, specifically throughout the warmer months of the year. With the high cost of energy, it isn't unusual that the number of bike cyclists out there is substantially increasing. It is everyone's work to do all they could to avoid bike mi...
The South Korea announced plans to allocate US$1.5 billion to build a wireless network 5G which will be commercially available in 2020 With 5G technology, it will be 1,000 times faster than the 4G LTE network previous version, Internet users will be able to download for 800Mb movie fi...
Social Security cost of living raise won't help the millions of seniors who really need a helping hand.
5 Historic facts and answers about things we might not know. I Thought I should write a small article. Also you can watch my video here: Thanks.
There are about 90 radical extremists living in Canada that the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are tracking. In the past three days, two of these terrorists decided to begin a campaign against the Canadian Military and the Cana...
"Star Trek" fans all marveled at Geordi's visor; now scientists have invented one.
Electronics Cigarette proved itself beyond how it was prescribed, I could not believe the result. What amazed me is that it gives off vapour
Nab some good seats for this concert! Katie McMahon's "Celtic Christmas" will be returning to The O'Shaughnessy in St. Paul, Minn. for a lively ode to the holidays. Over seventy-five performers will be joining her in a family-friendly program of traditional Christmas carols, stories...
Read about the new character that will be on Tekken 7!
Gandhi is credited with getting freedom for India, but it may have been for other reasons that forced Britain's hand
New research on Diabetes. Cure is around the corner
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