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The battle against the ISI is going badly and partly it is due to the confusion in US ranks led by Obama
Passage of the Real ID Act has changed the way Americans will travel and enter federal buildings.
The San Diego Padres will not retain the services of their interim manager Pat Murphy. It is not clear if Murphy will remain with the Padres either as a coach or work in the front office during the 2016 baseball season.
The Obama Administration has vowed not to continue to waste the taxpayers' money in selective prosecution of sick people who grow their own medicine. A new case in Washington State seems to contradict this stated policy.
As Bernie Sanders crisscrosses the country campaigning, he draws record crowds everywhere he goes, but he gets virtually no attention from the corporate mainstream media.
A look at the unethical methods used by the largest it and internet companies in India to acquire talent and technology cheaply
What was the necessity to expel Saskiala from the party and Poes Garden? Karunanidhi's reasoning and logic could be very simplistic, but my reasoning and logic are not so naive. There are some chilling truths behind this drastic action by Jayalalithaa. The truth could even reveal a pl...
It’s time to clear the air about climate change. Little more than propaganda occupies public discourse on the subject. When we separate CO2 science from prevailing social agenda, we find that climate change is more about eliminating fossil fuels than it is about eliminating life-su...
Today, on October 1, 2015, marks the 60th anniversary of the iconic American sitcom ‘The Honeymooners’.
When Autumn leaves start falling signals a coming winter will humanity change direction to have a replenishing spring?
We should not say that We the People do not win battles because that is simply not the case. We recently won a big one. We spoke up and we won and we refused to allow the characteristics of our country to be fundamentally changed-despite Obama's promise to give the Greatest Nation on ...
Reincarnation is amazing phenomenon.It is beyond this world.It excites you.Read here what is reincarnation including the stories of reincarnation with some strong scientific proofs of it.
The case for John Kasich to be the choice for the Presidency!
Tonight there will be a lunar eclipse which coincides with a 'blood' moon. What does that mean for humanity?
Using a Data Access request, I now have an email providing compelling proof of BBC bias against me. It seems that some BBC staffers are rather selective about who they label "cranks" and to whom they assign credibility. This is about intellectual property valuations.
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