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10 Health Benefits of Squid

Squid as food is prepared in different ways in different countries. It can be grilled, added to various cooking preparations including pasta, or fried …

Introduction to Homesteading, the Basic Needs

Anyone who is thinking of venturing into homesteading, becoming self-sufficient by farming on a very small scale, had better be prepared. The …

Moldavite “The Stone of Transformation”

Of all the stones I have ever worked with, none compares to Moldavite for sheer power. Even people who are not normally sensitive to the mineral world …

Sweet Corn is Beneficial to Health

Sweet corn has many health benefits and comes in a range of colours including pink, white, black, even blue and of course the familiar yellow, just …

Benefits of Quinoa Milk

If you're looking for an alternative to cow's milk, try quinoa milk. This plant-based beverage is delicious and loaded with …

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