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Author of the day - Eliza
I love poetry. I dream poetry. I write poetry. But I write other stuff as well. I'm a great lover of...(more)

Eliza has 78 pages on Wikinut

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Nigeria is faced withan Islamic Jihad launched bya Muslim terror group. One wonders what can be done
Former Boston Red Sox right handed starting pitcher Justin Masterson who is currently a free agent after he was released by the team on August 19 has drawn the interest of the Pittsburgh Pirates to join their baseball team. Masterson as a free agent is seeking a chance to pitch for a ...
There are different types of juvenile arthritis. Researchers are rigorously trying to find cures.
Islamic law is weighted in favour of man and needs change. The world led by USA must act
There is no magic words to guarantee sales. Studies shows 60% of the successful deals are closed in fifth attempt. Knowledge of tactful techniques incorporated with different sales techniques will have you higher chances of sealing the deal and going home with a contract.
When you meet that one person and they're name alone moves you.
An introduction to TENS therapy and the basic things you need to know about it.
Mankind is still existing as if we are all riders on a storm.
What makes us quick to jump into the fray? What makes us quick to judge and condemn, before we even bother to see with a neighbor's eyes?
Football, the beautiful game, has had many great matches. The classic matches are usually great cup finals of some description or another, but also games in the later stages of the knockout phases. They are usually matches for the biggest prizes.
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