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Author of the day - Maria Malone
Maria Malone
I mostly write poetry and articles about life and living. A former English major, I write in my spa...(more)

Maria Malone has 56 pages on Wikinut

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Do you feel headache? Can't hold it anymore? Don't you too quickly drink drugs, you better try this 3 foods before.
~we were aware we were white trash~that being white trash was not a good thing~we weren’t insulted by being told so~it’s all we had ever heard~& so it was but we were hungry~desperate to be alive~certainly not good enough~damned sure angry soon enough~my brother & me~
It's easy to love a neighbor and certainly easy to love a friend...but, what about loving an enemy?
A toast to love..written for my husband in celebration of our 12th Wedding Anniversary..When in life we find love for the second time..we come to realise that the first time.. was merely a dress rehearsal for the real thing... Happy Anniversary Jim
How flawed are you? We like to assume we are not, yet flaws are a part of our animate nature, we strive for perfection, which may be like a glorious David Beckham goal that curves around the outstretched arms of the goalkeeper in mid flight, yet is a flawed life more interesting than ...
All of us somewhere or the other gets stuck at a point where we have to make a decision between our Head and heart.. Head- where we feel the society is comfrtbl Heart- where we feel we want to stay, emotionaly we are connected and happy.!!
The scope of Global Warming is vast and is having a very dangerous impact on the quality of every life form on the planet
One of my review items fulfilled this May, we look at IDW' upcoming Littlest Pet Shop mini series.
Kettle bells can offer an excellent workout, toning your entire body, providing strength training and reduce fat. Here we combine some of the best workouts you can do with this meanly little accessory.
When those demons try you, don't just allow them to get away with it. The Word is the weapon against this enemy. Let us fight them off.
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