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Author of the day - kanu
I wish I had written everything here but I am still a learner and still trying to explore myself. I ...(more)

kanu has 5 pages on Wikinut

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Obituary for award winning Country singer Lynn Anderson
It's a recall of the wild: Black bears, mountain lions and jaguars are just some of the species turning up in areas of the United States where they haven't been seen more than a century.
Women in parts of Northern Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat have to trek long miles for fetching water every day through arid deserts. The poetry describes the plight, which the women have taken spiritedly while fetch water and singing in praise of the Lord everyday.
This war was his last war and for the rest of his life, he devoted himself to the conquest of men's hearts by the Law of Duty or piety.
How paid to click(PTC) websites have become the most reliable way to make money online without investment
This is a poem about what is a good morning. It is also a time to work out our plans for the day and to give thanks.
This series of women in high ranking positions is a major series that will be broken down into several parts. Geraldine Ferraro is the beginning of the series.
The Colorado Rockies on Saturday made a change on their 25 man roster by placing outfielder Corey Dickerson on the 15 day disabled list with two fractured ribs on his right side. Dickerson will be replaced on the roster by outfielder and first baseman Kyle Parker who will join the tea...
Why Breaking Bad was a Masterpiece in quality, drama and tension.
A biography of actor Carroll O'Connor, who won four Emmys and became a television icon for his role as Archie Bunker on "All In the Family."
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