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Author of the day - ShinyNguyen
My name is Shiny. I am now a sophomore at a university. I love to write. I have been writing for mor...(more)

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Almost everyone has had acid reflux at one time or another and it is usually temporary and harmless. If it persists, however, and is not treated, it can develop into a more serious condition.
And you never really know how life will end up. We as humans, don't understand the full extent of God's plans and often go astray. Let Him be the head of our lives eternally. May He guide your romantic, financial and any other area in your life. And if you need this one..
Suddenly the room door burst open as students came out. She waited patiently until every one of them had left the room. She then got up and straightened her dress and tapped the door gently.
This is the story of how I met my husband. I was 20 years old and thought I would never love again until I met him in the park on a Victoria Day to Remember
The Italy based giant manufacturers of cement constructed a building in Shanghai, China with transparent cement, the building permits day light in to the building so saving electricity in the daylight.
Since Mona had but two weeks off in August, Adam decides to spend his summer working in St. John's and both would go home to see their families at the end of the summer.
Whether one seeks the Great Outdoors or the Great Indoors, Derbyshire is the perfect county to visit and explore, as it has both in spades!
On Monday free agent wide receiver Miles Austin, 30, was not offered a new contract by the Cleveland Browns after the 2014 football season will continue playing football for another year by signing a one year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.
Like Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, Ross Poldark of the costume drama “Poldark” was a hero and an antihero almost simultaneously. And that is what made him such a compelling character.
This article, the first of the series, describes how sales promotion caught on a big way in India in the early ‘90s. Though it was not really new for the Indian market, what made it different was the amount of money that was put into it.
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