“Non-Fiction” The Seeding: Who Exactly Are The Partisan Jesuits And Who Set Them Up? (Mini-Series Part 24 A)

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The gravediggers, the Catholic Jesuits, are a split conscience and we will explain who they are today and who actually set them up. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Introduction To “Who Indeed Are The Jesuits And Who Put Them There?”

To our most gracious and talented in intellect, readers of philosophy, religious doctrine, and the wise ones who only wish to learn. Sela, we welcome you once again to our “Non-Fiction” series, The Seeding: Mini-Series Part Twenty-Four). Let us begin.

We believe not much confusion has occurred concerning the Catholic Jesuits and their calling and who they actually are and what they actually represent, solely due to the fact that people are so misinformed that they do not even think of themselves to question the reality of their inception into the Church when in fact, they were there long before the Catholic Church had become the stabilizer for the Jewry monetary system.Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

A Word About The “Good Man,” Pope Francis, And How He Became Pope Over The Catholic Church. This Is The Exoneration of the Greatest Pope, Francis of Assisi of the Twenty-First Century AD

This is interesting if nothing else when it comes to the largest first set up religious Christian domain called Catholicism. There are two wings of the Catholic Church and today we will explain more about the procedure of the present placing of the “good man” Pope Francis.

Pope Francis is a most unusual man to many people around the world. While this “good man” rages against animal cruelty and barbarism, at the same time he is to uphold one of the most barbaric acts of “sacrifice” of an enlightened one which never happened in the first place. And this continued “barbaric action” by the “action makers” or “Jewry” who are not a race but traversed through a rip in the fabric of space, needed a reason to captivate and make the people all feel “guilty” in order to “own the people and their very souls” and “the peoples’ pocketbooks.” All fit neatly into the overall plan of the Hellion terror of planet Angorius and its newly seeded people.

With animal sacrifice playing a dominant role in this early “sacrificial” ritual of the Hellions, animal abuse festered throughout the world on a global scale as the generations passed from one bodily form into their next. This initiation into offering up the “innocent” creatures (which the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds brought with them), as “animal sacrifices to please the gods was to lend a strong hand in preparing the people for a “human sacrifice” which was well fitted to the Hellion agenda in the events to come.

This prepared the way for a “savior” who they would control as to being one who would take all karma upon his own shoulders in order to relieve the people from the burden of further chastisement of their peers and alleviate their own concerns as to whether they would pass their lessons and make it into the next grade or not in their evolutionary journey.

All the people needed to do was pay some money, confess their sins, privately or publicly, and presto Project Blue Beam would one day see this same “savior” Jesus Christ (a christed or enlightened one of good conduct toward the people) of their own concoction as to who he is, along with his “mother” Mary, who was actually the mother of John, come forth in the clouds once again in order to do the Hellions finest bidding and deception upon the minds, souls, and pocketbooks of the global community. So the Christians of all denominations were sent forth throughout the world to convince all the citizens of planet Angorius, that they “needed” first to believe in the Hellions lies (believe in a christed concoction of their own) before they could possibly hope to enter back into paradise.

No wise and christed enlightened man, woman, nor child ever asked for a following nor a church or any religious institution to be built, filled, nor maintained.

This wise “good man” Pope Francis, was at one time an initial seed of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds and a “volunteer” who came back for these particular events in order to serve as a catapult in freeing the people from the banking cartels whose larceny of the gathered “finances” of the “congregation” is an ongoing process. We of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds salute this extremely “good man.”

When this “good man” fought for the rights of the people that they not be any longer among the deceived and duped ones, he was sent into exile by the Cardinals of the Church and the Jesuits became divided among themselves in the same mannerism as the United States CIA, FBI, and the United States Congress who is split between itself with the Oversight Committee in the knowing, the House Senate, the one most kept in the dark, the United States President himself. The Presidential senior staff are also split as more enlightenment comes to the foreground and a greater desire to not walk on the side of injury occurs. Can these people be reclaimed? Absolutely.

Then why did the Jesuits who made Pope Francis’s life almost unbearable allow him to take the Papacy even though the other split segment of Jesuits who loved the Bishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the “Cardinal” of the Catholic Church, were ecstatic concerning this extraordinary “good man’s” heavy promotion?

The answer is simple. And it is as twofold in itself:

The black Jesuits (belonging to the action makers, the Jewry) wanted to “control” and “use” this exceedingly “good man” Pope Francis to do their bidding. This is why at times you will “notice” that the sitting Pope of the day, as were others, is visited by Albino-controlled “Jewry from Israel” concerning “financial matters.

Though it pleases the Jewry of the Jesuits and the Jewry of the Albino of Israel to acquisition a Pope whom is most likened in genre to themselves, there are upcoming events whereby it is more useful to place a sitting Pope whose composition is of much more charisma and likening to the peoples themselves.

The position of “The See” is a double-edged sword. In this wise the Jewry will make a “good man” look “bad” should he not comply with their “doctrine.” They will tell him that he needs their protection when in fact, the people are “clever” in that they begin to realize the “error” of doctrine, and are “wise” enough to also realize the “goodness” of the man whose true humility would never allow his ring to be kissed save that by the “command” and “mockery” of the Jewry on both sides being the Jesuit black Jewry who serves the financial Jewry in command in Israel.

The Equation Between The Vatican State Bank And The Economic Monopoly Of The State Of Israel

Jesuits was another name for Jew of another sort, because remember the force was made up of the monetary system and girded by the sister section. Remember, Jew is not a race of people but rather an “action” taken, so those who “jew you” are “taking from you.” In actuality the word “jew” should never be capitalized because it is not a noun but a verb.

The black capped Jesuits who answer to the black capped Pope of Israel are also the commandeering force of the black Pope in all “indiscretions” of what is digestible toward the World Bank Jewry “the action takers” and the Catholic Church. In other words, the black Jesuits whom are one-half of the ranking of “action-takers” rank the equal and opposite side of Jesuits in the form of the “white blanket” or “insight” “the seeing” in assisting the Pope with his articulate “reasoning.”

The sitting Pope, Francis, of the year two-thousand sixteen is originally from the Orion Belt. Pope Francis is a good Orion and wishes to make contact with the people of his race, yet must be prevented until the window of opportunity is clear and safe for the full return of the Orions for their seeds, of which Pope Francis gathers ones around him for safe passage and not for the return of a blood sacrifice who is promised to take everyone to a distant place or world for a humdrum life of worshipping the “One Eyed G-D” and his son.

Pope Francis “knows” that the events “will” unfold and when they do the people will no longer believe the doctrine of the One-Eyed G-D and the World Bank BUT will have been gathered into their respective colonies ready for the best ride of their lives to home worlds where homes have been prepared and where they will wait until the cleansing of the earth, Angorius, will have been completed with the assistance of the ships from home worlds on behalf of their seeds.

These “home worlds” will be well suited for those arriving for either a short or lengthy stay. You will not be taken to worlds much above your own evolutionary progress for none of you would be happy there.

You will all be accommodated with simple homes, clothing and food and will lead a rather normal life which will be similar to the life each one of you are now living. However, none of you will be placed inside a war zone and poverty will not be offered to any one of you without your choosing.

The Equation Between The Vatican Branch Of Warfare And The War Monopoly Of The Set Up State Of Israel

The Jesuits are a defined people whose main task is to protect the Orthodoncy of the Catholic or Vatican Bank.

This fanatic wing was set up by the Hellions. The Jesuits worked from their inception toward achieving, maintaining and protecting a permanent state or country of its own as did the Albino Jews who came through the rip in the fabric of space determine to set up their own nation and did succeed. The nation of the Albino Jews is known as Israel.

Fighting on the side of the Hellion Jesuits whose religious leanings of “the Catholic church” actually girded the monetary system of the Jewry who are not a race but travelled “in time” for they brought the concept of “time” with them in order to “initiate” the people into supporting and actively participating usually on a voluntary basis, every war the banking Hellions concocted.

The Jew-suits were the first military wing of the Catholic Creed Section and were ferocious in their work to protect the main Helliot Bank which they also called the “Main Central Strategy.”

The Jesuits divided themselves in proxy of the Main Catholic Bank. In lieu of the World Bank, the Jewry of the Jesuits preformed many “miraculous” feats. For instance, they were actually the selecting committee for the deciding of the next Pope and what his agenda should be toward the good of their own economic cause.

This proxy Jesuit compromise to the Albino Jews of the World Bank and Israel founded its way into the Templar proxy to the Crown of England. Many ferocious religious wars ensued and the World Banking establishment was then seated directly in Norseman territory but reigned specifically from the “new” and established City of London. Branches sprung up from there until the global community was tied-in to the very core center of Washington’s District of Columbia with New York being the new paradise of the Helliot agenda. This is why the “Big Apple” mockery exists and calls into specifics the moratorium on cash amounts through their phony stock market gaming house.

While this is going on, the Albino Jewry in “Israel” which is actually a military base run out of Washington D.C. control the largest invading and occupying military in the so-called free world. But how can this plastic society exist? Simply because the Albino Jewry sit over the largest military experimental weapons in this particular planet, which they “occupy” in one form or another…alongside everybody else.

Notice how the black Pope of Israel has more right to walk into the Pentagon “unescorted” and come back out with an itinerary of weapons to be delivered to Israel and its partisan neighbours world wide than any of the United States Presidents’ Staff.

With the black Pope controlling the United States Military and running bootleg proxy for the World Bank and IMF, no country finds itself without debt and with no debt relief from the World Banking conglomerate offered in tenure of anything profitable for the planets citizens of any nation save Israel which is not a nation but rather the strong and long arm of the Pentagon, U.S.A.

They had it all sewn up. Yet this web the Hellions wove is unraveling and because it is unraveling it is our portion to bring the original system back to the good peoples of the world, this planet, Angorius.

In doing so, wisdom must find itself to take the lead and in taking the lead the Federation of Unified and Free Planets find it to be much the wiser goal to include all who wish to come and engage themselves in reclamation of their own souls rather than continuing to fight an endless battle which is evident at this stage to only become worse.

We shall reason therefore together and as we pull each one of you out of your grave you will once again stand abreast in dignity and resourceful citizens of yet just one more paradisaical world.

Continued in Part Twenty-Five

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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