17 Ingenious Applications of Your Kitchen Accessories

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The peeler and the ice cream spoon are usually used as intended. Their names can reveal exactly what is their function. But you probably don't know that you can use many of your kitchen appliances in different ways.

17 Ingenious Applications of Your Kitchen Accessories

The peeler and the ice cream spoon are usually used as intended. Their names can reveal exactly what is their function. But you probably don't know that you can use many of your kitchen appliances in different ways. Here are some of them.

1. Paper Baking Moulds for Making Multicoloured Crayons

Fill about two-thirds of the mould with some crayon pieces in different colours. Place them оn a baking tray and bake at 135° until melting (about 10 minutes). After cooling, you will have a great multicoloured crayon.

2. Jar as a Тerrarium

Thanks to its tight-fitting cap that locks moisture, the jar is ideal for a mini garden with moss and ferns.

3. Baking Paper as a Separator For Meat

Place this paper between burgers, steaks or pork chops before freezing and you will separate them easier before usage.

4. Lemonade Against Rust

If your metal objects and furniture in your home have а rust, the citric acid in lemonade will help you get rid of it. Cover the stain with lemonade, scrub with a brush and rinse with water when you notice that the stain begins to fade. Repeat if necessary.

5. Parchment Paper as a Container For Serving Snacks

Serve chips, popcorn and other snacks in а parchment cones (sealing them with scotch tape).

6. Baking Paper as a Preservative For Pizza

Warm up the pie or pizza in microwave on a piece of parchment paper to restore the crunchy crust.

7. Use The Potato Peeler Like Butter Knife

To soften the butter faster before you bake cookies, "peel" the amount you need using a peeler.

8. Wineglass as a Cover For Cakes

Cover the cake with a cup facing down to not dry up.

9. Cake Moulds For Making Cupcakes in The Shape of Heart

Place paper moulds for cupcakes in a muffin tray and pours the dough in them. In each cup put a ball of foil between the full mould and the tray. This will create a heart shape. Bake as usual.

10. Forms For Cakes - Paper Lanterns

For a soft glow, plug the flat bottoms of paper moulds for cupcakes in a braid with tiny lights.

11. Peeler For Cutting Parmesan

Want to enjoy a delicious salad with pieces of Parmesan? The easiest way for cutting it is with a peeler. Instead of using the peeler only for peeling vegetables and potatoes, you can also use it for cutting the Parmesan into thin strips.

12. Making Cookies With a Spoon For Ice Cream

Cookies should have the same size and have to be prepared in the same way. There is nothing better to achieve this by using a spoon for ice cream.

13. Shelling Corn in a Fluted Baking Cake Ring

Did you know that the shape of this cake is ideal for shelling corn? All you need to do is to place the stem of the corn in the hole of the ring. Starting from the stem, pass a sharp knife just below the corns towards the pointed end. The corn will come out. The best part is that you don't have to worry about them because they will fall directly in the ring.

14. Grind Nuts in a Coffee Grinder

The grinder is a practical device that can help you prepare various culinary products requiring the use of ground nuts.

15. Waffle Maker For Cooking Eggs

This is a quick and funny way to prepare scrambled eggs, without turning the hob on. All you have to do is to spray the waffle maker with a cooking spray and pour the beaten and seasoned eggs in it. They will be ready in a few minutes.

16. Number Cake Pans as Cake Topper

Place the number cake tin on a cake, then fill the mould inside with coloured sugar sprinkles. Remove the tin carefully and - voila - the cake is decorated!

17. Ice Cubes as Soup Skimmer

For those who don't know what a skimmer is, it is a device for skimming the organic matter. To remove the excess grease from the soup, you have to fill a ladle with ice and slide it a few times on the surface of the soup. Then wipe the ladle and you're ready to eat. The excess grease will cling to the bottom of the ladle.

Well, when you know these different applications of your kitchen accessories, it only remains to enjoy being in the kitchen! Cooking can be a real fun! Be creative and forget about the mess when you cook. If you are too tired to clean after your cooking show, get professional cleaning help. You have fun, they clean after you!


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