A Collection of Unsolved Mysteries : Are They Real?

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Here is a list of unsolved mysteries. Are they real?

A collection of Unsolved Mysteries

An Introduction
There are thousands of unsolved mysteries throughout history. Although we tried to understand them with science and advance technology, we still fail to fully understand them. Those who initially investigates these things fail and put it in a shelf for someone to find and do the same thing. The truth may never be discovered or maybe one day we will see light about these unsolved mysteries.

Mysterious Disappearances.
Here is a list of notable mysterious disappearances in history.
1. Lord Lucan, and English aristocrat, mysteriously disappeared after being suspected of killing his children's nanny and hurting his wife.
2. Agatha Christie, the queen of mystery writings, temporarily disappeared for few days in the 1920's. She never revealed the truth about it.
3. Dr. Leon Theremin, a brilliant scientist and inventor in the 1920's mysteriously disappeared and thought to have been abducted by Russia to help in the espionage conflict between Russia and the US.
4. The Vanished E Company of the Fifth Territorial Battalion of the Royal Norfolk Regimen with 266 soldiers mysteriously disappeared in August 1915 without any trace of any of the soldiers.
5. D.B Cooper jumped of the plane he high jacked in November 1971 and never to be found. Some trace of the ransom money was found but not a trace of this mysterious individual.
6. Amelia Earhart, the most woman pilot in the 1920's mysteriously disappeared along the Bermuda Triangle.
7. Glenn Miller, a sought after musician and entertainer during the Second World War mysteriously disappeared on his way to Paris for a concert to boost the morale of American soldiers.
8. Flight 19, a squadron of 5 aircraft with 14 crewmen mysteriously disappeared along the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in December 1945. No trace of any of the planes were ever found.
9. USS Cyclops, one of US Navy's largest ship with more than 300 men, mysteriously disappeared without a distress call in March 1918.
10. The Aztecs were though to have a vast city of treasures reported by the pioneer voyagers but was never found on their return to such place. The legend still lives to this day.
11. The mass disappearance of the dinosaurs have many explanations but not one is widely accepted by the scientific community.

Lost Worlds. Throughout history, we hear about civilizations and technology that just mysteriously disappeared. Here is a list of the most popular lost worlds.
1. The advance astronomical knowledge of the Dogons were though to be by far hundreds of years advance than western technology as reported by French Anthropologist Dr. Marcel Griale in 1862. It's now overtaken by poverty and few or none of the advance knowledge about astronomy is found.
2. Somewhere in the deep jungles of Central America is a city with incredible wealth. They called it "Ciudad Blanca" or "White City". Expeditions to find this gold-rich city failed due to the fact that the area to cover is so wide it would cost a lot.
3. The civilization of the Anasazi which thrived in Arizona and New Mexico mysteriously disappeared sometime around AD1050. Not much is known about this mysterious civilization.
4. The Maya and the Aztec, possessed advanced astronomical and mathematical technology mysteriously disappeared leaving vast city structures within Central America. Despite possessing an advance cultural structure, they mysteriously just disappeared.
5. The civilization of the Moche in Peru which possessed advance architecture and engineering knowledge mysteriously faded in the face of the earth. Traces of their civilization can be found on the ruins of Chan Chan, one of the largest pre-Columbian city in the Americas.
6. Ancient Tibetan texts mentions a mysterious place called the Kingdom of Shambala. Up to now, no one has ever found this place.
7. The Pharaoh's and the Great Pyramids baffles archeologist up to this day. What ever happened to the people who created these huge monuments might never be known.

Ghosts. One of the most popular unexplained mystery topic are ghosts. What are they? No one really knows. Here is a list of popular ghost stories.
1. Ghosts of old and creepy castles are popular tale especially in Europe.
2. Hexed houses are also popular in Europe.
3. Churches are also said to be haunted due to the fact that dead people are buried near the church.
4. There are also unexplained apparitions at sea like ghosts ships.
5. Battlefield ghouls are also popular among tourists.
6. Abandoned structures like the Alcatraz offers good ghost stories.
7. Cornish Specters are a popular British ghost story.

Paranormal Powers.
There are people who are reported to posses unnatural powers. Some use it for good while some for personal gain. Here is a list of people with paranormal powers.
1. Eileen Garrett was a respected medium during her time due to her accurate observations during seances.
2. Helen Duncan was a talented psychic who produced astounding results during her seances.
3. Eusapia Palladino proved to more than fifty scientist through scientific tests over a span of twenty years that she is a genuine spiritualist.
4. Madame Blavatsky predicted many accurate events that aroused debates all over the world. She was also a respected psychic and thought to be a prophet.
5. Jean Dixon was a successful an respected psychic, clairvoyant and astrologer all her life.
6. Ninel Kulagina was sought after by the Soviets during the Cold war due to her amazing telekinetic abilities. They performed thousands of experiment trying to determine how her abilities could be used as an advantage over their enemy during the war.
7. Daniel Douglas Home is considered by most spiritualist as the most gifted mediums of all time. He possessed a wide range of psychic abilities that produced credible results.
8. It was widely believed that the mysterious Rasputin influenced the rulers of Russia during his time causing massive unpopularity of the Tsar and eventually their fall from power.
9. Jose Arigo was popular in the 1920's due to his ability to heal people using basic kitchen tools to perform surgery. His special power to heal was so remarkable he drew thousands of sick people asking for help.

Seers and Oracles. Man is always fascinated by what the future holds for him. No one can really say what the future holds but history and current beliefs offer some stories that may be used to have a peek of the future.
1. The study of I-Ching or the Book of Changes is a major part of daily life of most Taoist followers. This is also a part of the feng shui belief wherein they follow guides in order to alter the future for their benefit.
2. In the book of Ezekiel of the Bible, prophesies about the future are dated that they can be directly associated with historical facts and events.
3. In the Old Testament of the Bible, the prophet Balaam prophesied many events.
4. In South Africa, the Sangoma is the doctor of most of those who cannot afford a medical doctor. They don't only cure diseases but also see what the future hold for you. They use traditional ways that can only be understood by those who believe in them.
5. Edgar Cayce in one of America's popular seers giving thousands of readings. He is also known as the "Sleeping Prophet".

Mysterious Structures. There are thousands of mysterious structures all over the world. As to who and why they were built remains a mystery. Although modern technology is slowly trying to reveal these secrets, most of them are still unverified.
1. There are many temples in Baalbeck, Lebanon that cannot be fully explained as to why they were built. Although some archeologist offers some explanations, the whole archaeological community do not agree on one sure answer.
2. The Megalithic tombs of Newgrange, in Ireland offers few clues as to why they were built.
3. The mysterious pyramid shaped structures into the waters of Yonaguni Island in Okinawa, Japan is still a mystery. Is it man-made or a natural formation?

Religious Phenomena. There are thousands of different cultures with different practices. Some of them offers a mystery as to their truthfulness and occurrence.
1. There have been reports of the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary that were announced by the Vatican as real.
2. The practice of talking in tongues have different versions in every culture.

Curses. Some say a magic spell can be cast upon you and cause unending cycle of bad luck. Is it just a coincidence or is it real?
1. The Little Bastard is what James Dean called his car that have caused him his life and countless other car crashed involving parts of his car. To add mystery to it, the car mysteriously disappeared.
2. The Curse of the Pharaoh's was also popular in the 1920's during the discoveries of the tombs of Pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings. They say most of those involved in the discovery of these tombs either die mysteriously or just fall into countless cycle of bad luck.

Unexplained Creatures. There has been thousands of reports of monsters and creatures not know to science. Are they real?
1. The Bigfoot is still a mystery although there have been reports of Bigfoot hoaxes. The truth about this mysterious creature may someday be revealed.

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To be continued.

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