Angels Watching Over Me: Chapter 1 - Part 5

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We last found out that 4 year old Carissa loved to eat anything from the sea because her father brought it home. We were introduced to her siblings. Carissa was the baby of the family.

Papa's big fish

Carissa’s fondest personal memories of this time in her life was how she waited eagerly at the door of their humble home for her Papa to return after a long day’s work. Winchester upon entering the home picked up his little girl and gently embraced her no matter how tired he was. From the country kitchen, the sweet savoury smells of home cooking permeated the air mingled with the remnant of her Papa’s after shave even more.

After the embrace, Carissa helped her Papa bring in the catch of the day. Winchester saved the biggest fish for her to proudly bring into the kitchen on her own. Sometimes she almost fell as she skipped through the house with the fish while squealing,

“Papa is home, look at the big fishy!”

After dinner the other siblings separated which fish to keep at home and which was to be sold at the market. Katie-Ann and Mama cleaned and prepared the family’s portions and set them aside for future meals.

The old pickup truck

arissa enjoyed Sundays since her Papa stayed home. It was also the day the family went to church in their old beat up red pickup truck. The church was about midway between their home and the big city. They lived out in the country; 10 miles away from Sydney, the big city on Cape Breton Island.

They seldom drove into the city proper. Papa took them once a month when he drove in for his provisions and banking. The older children went into town to help with his marketing, however Carissa stayed home with Mama. They had enough to do without having to run after the child when she wandered out of sight. So Carissa looked forward to riding to church on a Sunday with her whole family. Mama never missed a church service except for bad weather and it was the only chance Carissa had to ride and see the world around her.

The cows

As they left their fishing community, the sea was to their back while the air became drier. Carissa could feel the difference upon her skin immediately. She didn’t like the change in temperature but she did enjoy the change of scenery.

“Papa can we go see the cows, please Papa, please.”

“Carissa baby you have seen the cows many times. I told you already I have to take the long route just for you to see them. We don’t need to pass the fields to get to church.”

“But Papa, I want to see the animals. They are waiting for me. They will be so sad if I don’t wave hello to them.”

“Carissa, I don’t know if we have time.”

“Then can I have a dog please.”

“We have had this talk before baby. Mama is sick. She cannot have animals in the house, or even out back. When she goes near any animals she has a fit.”

“See Papa that is why I need to see the cows. They are my friends. Mama doesn’t get sick when we pass by the cows, right Mama, she said as she looked pleading into her Mama’s eyes.

“For heaven sake Winn, let the child see the cows, you know how much she loves all living creatures. An extra 20 minutes on the road is not gonna make no difference.”

“So you sure Kate, I don’t want no confusion when we get into church late. Don’t look to blame me if the service has already started.”

to be continued

All photos taken from the public domain

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author avatar Kingwell
29th Jun 2015 (#)

I continue to enjoy the story. Blessings.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
29th Jun 2015 (#)

Carol, awesome story. I love this family. Such a close family. The picture of the kitchen was my favorite. I should say I liked the truck too.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Jul 2015 (#)

Innocent times, innocent lives and easily satisfied too, lovely story telling, thanks Carol - siva

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