Article Writing Need Not be Difficult: Content Must be Well Chosen

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Chose an interesting topic, develop ideas and maintain interest of reader. Stick to the point but make the article rich with comparisons and incidents. Keep the article spicy with some women angle. Tie up loose ends and that will give you great satisfaction.

Writing like Biting, should be Small and Tasty

Content is subject matter of an article. It should be warm and comforting resembling a little kitten that runs around in your house. It needs to appeal to some fine instinct of your reader and ask something from him or her. Is red perfect for garden chairs, or will bull get mad? Or something more common like "Which travel app will you be using on your trip to Spain?" There is one moot point though.

Everyone plumps on same cushion. They write about weather, sports and then they write about writing. Yes, almost every plot is same, so in sheer desperation one turns to scan technical articles.

So why does anybody have a writer's block? Why do we stay enamored by "the butler" and "mysterious woman in black"? Believe me, there are ways to make articles readable. Pick up your shoes and let us plod on.

Covering different subjects adroitly

Introduce your topic and then move on

Content is a river and it has plenty of fish. These are ideas sown by writer in his or her article and readers might latch on to some of them. One needs to keep article interesting and short. One has to create an article that everyone likes.

Maintaining interest is paramount. If one were to intersperse an article with pictures, it is sure to keep his or her reader glued right until the end. If you want to involve your reader more, raise a few questions. It should be interesting and invoke curiosity in readers. Answer them before your article is over.

Keep Topics Current

There is little interest in things past. If you talk about why Clinton was a great president, you might get interest of one or two readers. If you talk about Obama Healthcare Plan, it is sure to gain attention of many people.

True interest develops when readers finds himself or herself in your text. Most questions and answers lead to something specific -- like solution to an economic problem or answer to some social dilemma. Use article writing style to show how it is a reflection of the reader and his thoughts.

Making things Sound Right

When you say something right, it sounds right. To present picture correctly, one has to choose correct theme. Web page discussing cakes and pastries should have a homely and welcoming sound throughout. It must not discuss politics or sound like solution to ozone depletion crisis. Reader must relate to article in a way, any cake lover would, to that cake -- bake site. Theme of article should be uniform and interesting.

For articles other than cookery or gardening, way to prod interest is to ask questions. It need not be blunt questions like Who was first president of United States? If you dwell on article writing you need to be polite -- everyone is a writer. When you mention various points regarding articles, you raise question of viability of using keywords in article. Of course, there are words and there are keywords and you know dear, you should always optimize them.

Keeping topics separate

Do Not Sit on Your Birthday Cake
Writing without a point is like raising a typhoon and reader becomes desperate to take shelter. If you write to unwind, to let loose tensions within, do so but do not publish them. Keep them in your personal blog and read them whenever you want another release of tensions.

Sprinkle articles with anecdotes and stories. Other day when I was walking towards bus stand, I noticed some people painting the road. Jack and Joe were sitting under their usual tree watching them. I went for my haircut and when I returned I saw Jack and Joe painting road. Curiosity gnawed inside like a disease, so I went over and asked them what was going on. Imagine my chagrin when Jack handed me the brush and walked away!

Dwell on Subject

Most ideas or topics have a central theme or setting. In your article, make it easy for readers to relate to your topic by making suggestive changes. When you are talking about farm animals, discuss each for a sentence or two. Start with turkey then pass up turkey for duck. Talk one or two sentences and then talk about chicken. If you are going to talk about turkey whole day long, reader will find refuge somewhere else. If you are selling something, make some interesting points for the readers to involve in and discuss.

Keep an End in Sight

If you want readers to join your cooking classes, wind up with reminder to them that last date is approaching fast. If you are selling wine, close with words about release of your latest product. Most of all, find out if reader is interested. Include some contact form so that they can tell you what they think about whole thing.

Lofty Goals and Cross-eyed Perspectives

An article must not be self-defeating. Your aim of spreading latest scientific data or teaching entire world about right approach to devotion need not deter you from goal of producing readable material with common interests. If surfer is leaning on shadows, he is sure to drown in a quagmire of doubts and uncertainties.

Be sure to tell readers what your article is all about, and let readers discovers reflections of ‘self’ within it. Clarity is important and so is style. Make your article look good by filling it with good words used in a proper manner. If you are expressing personal opinions, let the world know that it is your personal viewpoint and that other things exist in the world too.

Ending the Debate

Nobody has same opinion, as the next person. To assume this, is to commit suicide. An article written by one, who does not value opinion of readers, is not worth reading. If a topic has some ambiguity or differing viewpoints, make sure that you spell out where you stand. This will end any doubts in mind of readers. It helps them take a standpoint of their own.

No one has Won Against a Woman

This Y factor is important in writing. Your article should have some slant for this aspect. There is no romance in staring at a blue sky. Throw in some flowers and trees and your article will begin to dance and sing. Your written article should not be like a white paper that you wave in the wind, it need not be a sack you are left holding when everything is over.

Fighting Against the Wind

To compromise on a principle is to have won the war for a writer. Do not attempt anything difficult in your article just start out small. It will open your eyes to your real horizons and inspire you when you write article. Remember beginning point of your article and just walk readers through to end of article. Keep article you are writing in middle of road always.

Copying and Keeping Article Content Original

When a writer makes a genuine effort to write an article and succeeds, it gives him or her great satisfaction. One may borrow facts from news items or other interesting case studies of plants and animals. As one writes more articles, he or she develops a certain style, a recognizable slant of content that readers find interesting.

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Funny and pointed. Good job!

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Thanks Phyl I rushed through this one.

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16th Jul 2014 (#)

Good advice and done well. However, I cannot follow most of it :)

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17th Jul 2014 (#)

It is nice to have readers raise points and that is why I keep writing. Thanks Joyce.

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Great points. Thank you brother.

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Much obliged sir.

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Good post. Really helpful content. check out my work on wikinut and share your point of view.

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Have done. Thanks for stopping by. All the best with your article writing.

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