Rod Nichols

Rod Nichols
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I am a professional writer with 7 published books and many articles. I write primarily on the following topics: Christianity, Bible, Business, Network Marketing/MLM.
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Ready to take your network marketing business to a new level? Here are 5 tips for building a successful network marketing business.
Want to build a successful MLM business? In this article you will learn 4 powerful secrets from a 30 year veteran and industry best-selling author.
Over 50% of the Christian marriages are ending in divorce. There are many reasons for this, but one major factor is that men have not been taught how to be godly husbands. That is the purpose of this article.
This is an excerpt from my book The Magnetic Life and in it, you will learn the millionaire secrets for attracting more money into your life.
Everyone should have have a home business and in this article you will discover why.
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