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Very passionate about life and and writing poetry helps me display that passion.
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Who doesn't love the Cinderella story? Or any romantic gestures that make your heart beat faster? This is a reminder for all the guys out there to keep showing the girl in your life that she's YOUR GIRL and has your heart and attention. So, boys, never stop showering her with love ...
Losing a loved one in death is always painful. And sometimes the shock takes your breath away and you don't know what to say. But, the best way to cope, to move on and keep living is to remember the good times shared. Hold them close in your heart and no one can take them from you. C...
Imagine for a moment you're walking outside all alone only to be blanketed by the deep blue sky. What's your favorite color? What takes all your cares away? Well, mine is a deep blue that can never be duplicated and it's power is only dreamed of. It will take your breath away and ...
For anyone who has been dumped, had their heart broken and been forgotten. You're better than this. If they choose to leave you behind then they aren't worth your tears. So, go on and open your heart. Don't be may just find your best friend.
A wish everyone have a happy, loving, close family that truly cares and treats you right. What I wish for everyone.
How many looks does it take to find the right one? What do you have to do to get him to notice you and see your love..your passion..your inner self? Love is tricky and ever so complicated but you can't fight it..just let it take over.
Who has ever had a broken heart? Sure time heals it some but the pain lingers. For me, it helps to write out all my feelings and leave my pain on the page. Here we go.
A tribute to my grandma who passed away but is not forgotten. A memorial poem of the very full life she had and beautiful example she left us with.
Just a reminder to all to stay away from the one who broke my heart and shattered my dreams.
Now's the time to step back and ask yourself if you really, truly care about others. If you see someone is in need what do you do? We all can only do so much and then comes God, as they say, but how much do we really care about other peoples' suffering?
What is beauty? What is it to you? Read what my thoughts are on what true beauty is all about and where it can be found.
An internal dilemma of losing ones' identity and individuality.
Just a sample of how life can suddenly transform us if we let it and if we step back we can gain a whole new perspective on life and the world around us.
A bit dramatic perspective of a broken heart. But, the truth is a bit dramatic at times, isn't it?
A poem I wrote for a school assignment in 6th grade. I'm kinda sentimental about it since it's the first poem I wrote and I've been writng ever since.
A short story of how drastically life can change in a moment and how strong love can be. Though we live and die love endures forever.
A poem of my own opinion of what really is beautiful.
A poem to my parents to help them come to terms with my husband and I moving farther away.
A poem to and about my ex who broke my heart and moved on before I could even comprehend it all..and this tells him how I finally moved on and am better off without him.
A poem to my new husband after our first year of marriage..about all the ups and downs we went through and what we've learned.
Just a short story of the love I found and turned my world upside down..for the better.
A poem about unfulfilled hopes and dreams. Goals that never were acheived and forever forgotten.
A poem about how a friendship blossomed into a passionate love only to be lost in the end. While, the door is still open for it to return someday.
A personal experience of a time when I had my heart broken and was left unsure of what step to take next...having to find myself.
A poem about heartache and a lost love. Tears on a page and aching heart just hoping and waiting for the lost love to return.
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