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Im a creative writer, occasionally a poet but still a work in progress
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A daydream inspiring visit to the botanical gardens.
I am now at a crossroads in my life and my career options are a little overwhelming. I've already taken up the only position I ever wanted (being a mum) so what do I do with myself now?
Do you need to be attractive to pass judgement on another's appearance? Is attraction purely physical or a personality and appearance hybrid? Does anyone other than me even really care?
I spent a lot of years desperate and dateless, this is yet another poem from that time
my attemt at a positive take on romantic love
More unrequited love. you get that when you fear rejection
the hardest decisions are the ones that haunt us
Breaking up is hard, lots of emotions to address. This is some of mine in poem form
another poem trying to bring an image to life, based on a dark painting i saw in an art book years ago
Trying to bring an image to life, i wrote this after seeing a portrait painted by a friend
This is a little overview of my experience with my sons autism, the experiences leading to diagnosis. I don't wish to provoke a rehash of the MMR and Autism debate here I mention it only based on MY experience and the lack of proof either way. I want to give other parents cause to b...
My body has copped a lot from me over the years its time i gave it a little care and respect
couple of my older poems expressing my loneliness and frustration
I'm not good at meditation but these poems express my experiences with it sometimes good sometimes not so
written almost 10 years ago, while feeling a bit disenchanted with the human race
Another dark poem expressing anger at myself and the society i live in
My attempt to reach through a friends depression, it took some time but eventually they did see me waving
a look at un-delcared and thus unrequited love
once again emotions spilled on paper - my battle with depression shows up here
My take on the experiences of kids in my grandparents generation to mine . . .
More emotions spilled on paper, sometimes the patterns they make are quite lovely to behold
Poem for my babies, I have never felt so close to them as i did when they were so little and new
Another poem for my sister, more emotion spilled on paper
More emotions spilled on paper, sometimes the patterns they make are quite lovely to behold
for my beautiful friends I am so lucky to have you
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