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I was a singer at five years old and I am still a singer.My writings will be memories of a life lived.
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We lived far from each other but when a call came we were there.
Striding out onto the track to a fan fare of trumpets it is the `Theatre of Dogs`.
Sylvia was not the only happy bunny on the 8th January 1955
Selling sweets to dyeing shoes to folding cards that was the first nine months of my employment.Then I found the job that was ment for me.
King Arthur was not the only one to burn the cakes.We built a boat in the front room and sailed it on the River Thames,then it sunk.
Popping bubbles in the Tarmac is great fun ,who needs toys.
1945 War is over and now another battle begins.Going home was not what I expected after spending a couple of years saying I want to go home.Home was a very small flat and not a field in sight just brick and tarmacand where are all the trees.
It has taken a lot of years to put into words my life as an evacuee. When I was a girl I had lots of friends to play with.Ran wild in the country side. Dedicated people who took care of me. Also my loving Mum who never let me down.
This is a story of one little London girls journey 1939 /1945
I am a singer and this is what I experience while entertaining senior clubs.
Highclere Castle the home for the brave young and old.
When I was a little girl I lived in a castle and had a secret garden.why don`t you come with me down my memory lane.
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