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I am a keen practitioner of mindfulness meditation for past several years. I firmly believe in "goodness" of people, society and world. I regularly write on personal growth and social topics.
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A new global consensus is emerging against the current growth focussed unsustainable global economy. The path of progress needs to shift towards qualitative increase of people’s wellbeing. This needs a fundamental shift away from passive consumerism and towards active citizenship.
June 21 has been declared the "World Yoga Day" by the UNGA. It is a recognition that Yoga can bring lasting peace and harmony in the world seriously threatened by climate change and globalization of violence and terror.
Most people don’t have correct understanding of meditation. Many relate it with religion, faith, hypnosis, problem solving, navel gazing, visualization and so on. People know that it helps in stress relief but even that is not full exploitation of meditation.
All the global ills can be traced to the wrong understanding of ‘development’ as mere GDP growth. People need holistic development to enhances their true well-being and happiness.
Unlike rest of the world, the tiny kingdom of Bhutan in Himalayas does not use GDP as a measure of progress. It uses what it calls the Gross National Happiness! It is a holistic ideology that considers people's well being from many different angles in addition to economics; such as sp...
Child marriages disrupt the normal growth to adulthood and a violation of children’s rights. They endangers the well-being of adolescent girls by exposing them to the dangers of physical and sexual violence as well as to early, unplanned and frequent pregnancies. Early marriages put...
Fertility rates are finally declining across India. But for some large states of North-Central India (particularly Bihar and Uttar Pradesh), rest of the states have reached the replacement fertility of 2.1 or nearing it fast. The Malthusian fear of over-population should no more troub...
Poverty is no longer seen as a situation of low income alone. It must be seen a set of different deprivations, including income. The only permanent solution to poverty is a human development model that puts people at the center, rather than economy.
Nobel Prize winner of 2006, Professor Muhammad Yunus opened a new channel of poverty eradication - through microcredit. Popularly known as the "banker of the poor" Prof Yunus devised simple yet effective strategies of loan recovery and made the poor "bankable" and "credit worthy." His...
Charity is a noble thing, a symbol of selflessness and altruism. However, it is not an effective anti-poverty for widespread poverty. By focusing on the symptoms, it only sustains poverty and the unjust system that created it.
Development is not just economic growth or technological progress; in reality, it is a more comprehensive human development. Nobel laureate Amartya Sen’s capability approach offers a wonderful model for the real development of the societies, nations and the world.
Poverty is not a mere income or economic issue; it is a matter of multidimensional deprivations of people. Nobel laureate Amartya Sen shows that poverty is a situation where people are deprived of their basic freedoms and capabilities.
Is "economic growth" alone Development? Are people just tools to achieve GDP growth and consumers of the goods? The real development focuses on people and their well-being which has several dimensions; economic well-being is just part of it, never whole. Nobel laureate Amartya Sen def...
When it comes to mind researchers look towards brain. For any mental experience they try looking for chemicals or signals in the brain. Brain is the vehicle through which the mind wroks.
Most of us spend the time of life in thinking and imagining; not in living. In fact, people are often so busy that they have no time to live.
There are two types of mind: judgmental and discerning. A judging mind is rigid, biased and opinionated. In contrast, a discerning mind is flexible, unbiased and open. The transformation can be achieved by practicing mindfulness.
Stress is all too pervasive in modern life, needlessly though. It is possible to lead a life that is joyful, meaningful, and fulfillment. By making a few subtle changes in the attitude it is possible to carry on life in a relaxed way.
Why should we view life through the lens of productivity? What it really means to be productive in real life? Being effective is more important than being efficient because it allows us to achieve more by doing less.
Readers respect high quality writing. If your articles are written in a strong and error-free manner, people take you seriously. Your message comes through clearly. Compelling, clear, error-free writing is what people expect when they come to your page. Give them what they expect.
The World Economic Forum of 2012 in Davos saw people worried about the future of the popular capitalism brand as practiced in much of the Western world, particularly in US/UK. Is this the end of shareholder capitalism, as some experts announced? Or is it really a new world that needs ...
Financial troubles in the Western economies and inability of the governments to put their economic houses in order despite unprecedented efforts are raising skepticism about the future of shareholder capitalism. It was even voiced in the World Economic Forum 2012 at Davos that a new m...
Self pity is a cocktail of victim’s mindset, pessimism, fear, and insecurity. Even the strongest person can not remain immune to it, but weaker souls are easily possessed by this demon. Hope these five steps will show an outline of how to come out of the nasty trap of self- condemna...
Happiness is the driving force of every human action – whether right or wrong. People work hard, pile up tons of stress, accumulate wealth and technological gadgets, abuse drugs, become suicide bombers, invade other countries, starve to get skinny, turn recluse to meditate, eat load...
Why Inner Peace and Tranquility have become so uncommon today? This is the basic question everyone disillusioned by current lifestyle wants to ask. These 7 thoughts are pointers to the path leading to inner peace and true happiness
Mindfulness is a simple yet highly effective technique for self exploration and self correction. It is also increasingly used in therapy. This non directive form of meditation is fast becoming popular throughout the world.
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