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"I dreamed if I could live without loving money and loving a soul" Find the answer of your dream - A feel poetry
A real game makes you breathe faster and your heart beat faster A feel poetry on game....
My life my story but everyone's the same! Have you ever cried due to happiness? If Yes "you have live your life' A simple poem! - A feel poetry
Do you think you have understood the meaning of your life? Ever wondered "Why am i alive?" A poem can answer this too..... A feel poetry
They guard as day and night! Dedicated to "The police" The Guardians
Felt the pain of a broken heart the scars on it Seen by eyes not by heart Feel it
True love-An experience of the heart You will feel it if you read it!
Fireworks Make our celebration what if they had life Just feel the Poem
If you are depressed and only You know the feeling
If someone who loves stops loving you How will you feel?
Love a forever beats in our hearts started in imagination turned into reality
Death-A feeling of experienced soul Marching towards the end leaving behind thoughts
First love You can feel your heart Can you make others feel the same with your words? I tried If you feel Make other too to do the same
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