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A narrative analogy of GOD's fatherly love, a prose on Religion...
A Narrative on the Life of Beggars. A Prose on their social estate.
An analogy on Human’s innate arrogance of absolute intelligence.
The One™, a 3D game that was exclusively created for Nokia N-Gage systems, playable on both the N-Gage Classic and N-Gage QD.
Capcom's Devil May Cry, repackaged on it's fourth installment.
The PCSX2™ Project is an emulation software which runs PlayStation® game/game discs on a personal computer with the use of Windows Compatible analog USB gamepads to make it playable and interactive.
The G2.1nu is the perfect effect pedal for beginners, who would want to learn the science of guitar playing. It could also be a complete pedal collection with a not so expensive value.
Working dog breeds have been classified by some dog registry agencies to be with about three subclasses. These are those dogs who are required to work for an equivalent of a humanly job. One of the working dog breed subclasses is the Herding dog group.
The world of digital expedition will never be as broad and perceptive without an internet browsing system, and to Apple the world will never have experienced the trek to the data-line superhighway without the wildest browser ever created, the Apple Safari.
SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine maintains sustenance for the mental health of an individual. SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine helps in the pace-maintenance of broadcasting brain messages that are transposed into brain impulses and is diffused evenly to all the mirroring cells technically t...
The 4th generation iPhone [iPhone 4] is the newer and compacted version of the 3GS. The structural outline is that modish, making its antecedent look totally scurvy over the iPhone 4. It is the slimmest yet durably assembled to be tagged as the most compact among Smartphones of today.
Historically, pianos rooted out from the amalgamation of several different instruments. Like how it was created, which evolved from divergent prototypes, still the piano is completely and precipitously in its integral evolution.
The iTunes is an exclusive software that Apple created years ago to power a music player either on a computer or a device such as an iPod. The iPad is baled with the latest version of the iTunes, version 9.1
Hound dogs they are called. They are the hunters of the canine class. These dogs possess hunting abilities which make them earn their name. Characteristically, these dogs are highly intelligent that they can take control of a prey to a point of chase and kill.
Samsung has had several releases of phones. From the ordinary call and SMS phone to the most advanced touch-screen smartphones.
Sporting Dogs, as their group name is derived from their physical qualities and traits, they are primarily fit for the role of a hunter’s assistant. They are dogs with strong physical attributes which makes them fit to be trained to do work.
Capo: Its uses and musical notations briefly explained.
Crysis™, a sci-fi first person shooter exclusively for PC. The core of the game is its storyline set 2019 where this hostile earth is in a bermuda colossal collision.
Intel’s intelligent line of microprocessesors: Core™i7 is specifically engineered for multi-computing, amplified extreme gaming and quality digital media creation and rendering.
A brief historical timeline about the country tagged as the Pearl of the Orient.
A sophisticatedly advanced data routing technology streaming at 802.11 N platform - D-Link DGL-4500 GamerLounge
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