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deepti pande
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I have flair towards writing. Writing is a passion as well as a need for me. Being an English Lit. Graduate and a MBA, I have an inclnation towads writing on management as well as general topics. Besides this I am also an academician. Therefore writing also caters to my need of giving proper weightage to the Resume.
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An employee quit and joins number of jobs in the entire career. This article throws light on some of the reasons which forces an employee to leave the job and the organization and opt for a new one.
Recession is a phase where it become very difficult for the employees to take healthy decisions. The article discusses about the steps that the management should take and the care they should show towards there biggest asset at the time of downturn.
The article talks about some effective tips for the freelance as well as online writers to get their articles published in the very first go without getting rejected.
Every girls wants her hair to look perfect.This article suggests eight tips for keeping your ringlets beautiful and twinkling so that you can be the center of attraction.
The article talks about keeping yourself fit in burning summers when exercising can cause dehydration. It gives10 tips which will keep you cool during exercising in the summer season and will make your exercising regimen interesting and less tedious.
The article speaks about the idea generation techniques. Before writing any article, idea generation is really important. To trigger idea generation the points given in the article holds great importance.
Conflict is a very common and an inevitable episode of one’s life. What matters is how well are we able to come out of the conflict in a healthy manner without hurting the ego of the other party involved. Here are some tips for effective conflict management.
On one hand where HRD is an indispensible department of any organization, it also has its own concerns which cannot be overlooked. But inspite of all these concerns, HR continuously strives for organization's health and well being. The article throws light on the same concerns which s...
The article throws light on the functions which are being performed by the HRM in the organization for its well being and sustainability in the market. It also shows the importance of HRM in any organization.
Human Resource Management is indeed an indispensible function being taken care of in any organization. It gains this advantage as it relates itself to the functioning of a very crucial asset named employees. Here is a brief introduction of what Human Resources actually are and how the...
Everybody fears interviews. Only the intensity is high or low. This article provides some tips for overcoming the interview fear, following which can increase the success rate of your interviews.
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