Susan Finny

Susan Finny
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I am a believer and I trust God with my life.I Been through both good and bad days and events and its made me grow in Christ.i am writting to encourage womens and families.
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We are not ordinary people. We are the anointed people of God. This world is not our home.We are here just for a while.We are the ambassadors of Christ. We are anointed to do God's will on this earth. The anointing of our God spreads and flows through each and every part of our life.
in our life often we ask God why you allow this to me.there is no victory without suffering. God has a plan and a purpose for you.
whatever me face in life it will end very soon. we don't need to fight our God will fight for us.
Just take a minute and look back. If God was not with you,in your hard times, you wouldn't have been alive today,in this world. Remember God was carrying you all throughout.Its time to give thanks to our God and Express our gratitude.
sometimes God closed our womb for a divine purpose.In Bible we can see lot of barren women.Each of these sons played a vital role in the history of the nation of Israel
Prayer is the solution for everything. If we wait for his time sure God will bless us. Enjoy God's delay
when problems come to our life we thought God is not hearing my prayer and cries.we started to blame God. We don't understand His ways and time. But God will surely deliver you in His Time.
Jesus showed forgivness through his life but in our life we can't give forgiveness to those who hurt us.if we let go our anger, bitterness God will bless us.
sometimes we forgot God promise in our life.He is faithful to fulfill what he said to us.
when we faced trials in our life we couldn't feel God's faithfulness in our life.God never leave us.God is with you no matter what happens
Never Fight with God: He knows what He is doing ! it tells you whatever we faced in life God have a purpose.maybe we couldn't understand the purpose behind our pain.Our God is in control
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