Kisha Rivera

Kisha Rivera
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Kisha Rivera is a published author. Kisha is married with two children. Kisha loves to read, write and eat new foods.
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When it comes to love we all want to be valued at some point in our lives. We want our spouses, mates, partners, and friends to value us in showing us that they love us. When we do not get the love, it makes us feel alone and uncared for. What is it that we are really asking for? Do w...
Blotches, pimples, discolorations and acne can cause a lady not to look her very best. This can lead to several reasons. Oil, dirt and make-up just to name a few. This can also lead to a bland social life. Everyday women search for the miracle drug, make-up, or product that will cause...
Businesses are ever changing. New faces are coming in. Baby boomers are retiring. The work-force keeps getting younger and younger. This generation of business owners are trying to develop a zero policy for their employees. In developing this "new age" way of handling the more younger...
Caregiving is a passion. Some people have it and some people don't. But for those that do, you can't help but give the elderly your best care.
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