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Independent freelance writer, author, and mom specialist
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Recent pages by JannyC

8 Signs on Why the Zombie Apocalypse Could Happen...BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS SO!
Scooby Doo has met the Addams Family! Batman and Robin! Now enter the World Wrestling Federation Superstars!
A Rocking new local Rockford, IL Band is creating a global scene thanks to the internet!
Here are some unconventional questions and advice on freelance writing that you may of been afraid to ask.
I am hanging out with the Vampires again as I interview Occult researcher Corvis Nocturnum as we take a look inside the real vampire community and ask what makes a vampire?
In Honor of Earth Day I present the eco friendly Kitty Alarm clock.
VIVIA ABBA!!! ABBA has been inducted into the Rock and Hall of Fame.
In honor of me becoming an Avon Representative I thought Id write on the history of Avon. Everyone some point of another has come across Avon.
Ginger software is a new spell checker program for writers and just about anyone. It is said to be and intelligent spell checker and go beyond your normal spell checkers.
A humorous and educational look at vertigo. So if you have been diagnosis with Vertigo here are some top 5 things you should not really do.
Today is February 2nd 2010. A day we decide the fate of the weather on a groundhog.
A bit of a satire look at United States President Obama's State of the Union Address from an Outside looking in view.
I normally don’t gush over things so excuse me when I say I LOVE SIMS 3! I am though a loyal Sims lover though having play the since the beginning.
It’s January 13th and its time to take down the Christmas tree. No duh you say? Well there is a reason behind it.
There has been talk that perhaps Americans are over medicated. The Doctors simple answer seems to be take 2 of these and call me if you get any worse.
DISCLAIMER: Please not this is not an excuse not to see your doctor. It is advised you see your doctor first to see what type of depression you have
Second week of the New Year and… I am having procrastination issues.
As most of the globe is under snow and a deep freeze it makes me wonder about all the global warming talk. Perhaps it is global icing instead?
Have you ever wondered what Depression might have to say by giving it a voice?
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