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Paul Lines
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Having spent a large part of my working life as a business consultant, I am now a full time freelance writer offering content for on-line and print publishers, as well as focusing on creative writing
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An explanation of the skills and competences needed to become an effective brand marketer
The article provides an understanding of some of the strategies that improve competitive advantage for businesses
A short history of a the classic UK car - the Triumph Stag
A critical review of the management of reconstruction efforts and resources following the 2010 earthquake
It has been argued that the issue of university league tables is causing disorientation and confusion for students
This article discusses two major debates that have raised questions about the quality and integrity of higher education.
This article provides a brief overview of how a new parent needs to deal with the challenges facing the stepchild.
Read about how the US postal service evolved from simply delivering letter to armies to become the national organisation it is today.
This article provides an overview of some of the problems and challenges that SME owners face when endeavouring to raise external capital to assist them in expanding their business into an international environment
Learn to ride bareback is no easy feat as I found out, but the experience is worth the effort
In the darkness of the night this I sat and penned these words
I am often called a grumpy old man for not wanting to celebrate my birthday and here are just some of the reasons why I take this approach
An overview of a unique French car that gathered a cult following - the 2CV
Kiribati is a travel destination that uniquely combines the relaxed beauty of paradise with the savage memories of war.
The crusades of Europe in many ways moulded the regions culture and religious structure that exists today
A brief history of the events leading up to the destruction of the valient USN task force 38
When communicating with others the process of eye contact is as important as the words we speak
When looking for that special romantic getaway or vacation many would past by the inland resort of Telluride in Colorado, yet it offers the ideal destination for romance.
A brief overview of ten vacation destinations situated around the Pacific 'Ring of Fire'
Although most have heard the term franchising, the actual mechanics of what this form of business venture is, and to what extent it provides a safer entry route into owning and operating one’s own business, perhaps not so clearly understood. Almost any type of product or service c...
Dealing with the death of a father is never easy. Dealing with the death of a father from whom one is estranged must be even more difficult and heart wrenching.
A brief visit to the sights and attractions of this beautiful South Pacific Island
Every year businesses in the majority of countries are required to complete tax returns of some format. This articles provides some important guidance on the preparation and completion of these returns
Drug addicts need help to take the necessary steps to recovery. Often, they might turn to friends for support in embarking upon this process but the friend also needs to know what that support entails.
US Treasury bonds are financial securities used by government to borrow money, either directly from the public and corporations, or by selling these instruments through banks and other financial markets options, such as the stock exchange and brokers.
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