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A young writer trying to write something different. Writing on several subjects with reality embeded in my articles . My twitter profile - http://www.twitter.com/iwriter_sourav
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Following the demise of king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, queen Ellizabeth has now become the oldest monarch of the world. The 88 years old queen was two years younger than the king Abdullah.
Entrepreneurship and job class are the two driving forces of the world of the bussiness. Some people says that the entrepreneurship is superior than the job class profession. Although some people considers job class profession as the best way to live a happy life and achieve a decent ...
The US based computer manufacturing firm HP has announced that they will cut 34000 jobs from their organisation by the end of year 2014, which is 5000 more than the previously announced by them. Also cosmetics manufacturer Revlon is going to leave China with a cut of 1,100 jobs. All t...
Indian police has been trying to set up an online web portal with the help of US police in order to deal with cyber criminals. All the popular social media websites are based in US so this step may be helpful to investigate cyber crime cases in India.
Microworkers.com is a website where you can make money by completing small tasks. Please Note :- the writer has just written about his own experience and the money that any person make is responsible for it himself and the writer has no responsibility.
Global warming and climate change is increasing day by day. Some provinces of United States have taken a pledge to do something in this concern.
The secret program of National Security Agency of America called "PRISM" has been in news for a long time. The whistleblower Edward Snowden who worked in NSA as a computer expert had revealed this program to media. Is Snowden right in what he did?
There is a good news for comcast subscribers because they can watch their favourite shows on twitter. Twitter has recently signed a deal with comcast tv according to which a "see it" button will appear in front of the tweet by the channel which will display the mentioned show online.
The department of weather research has threatened the arrival of a cyclone named Phailin from Bay of Bangal in India. Phailin is cosidered as one of the most fierce cyclone arriving here. The government agencies have issued a high alert in the coastal areas to be prepared of the disas...
Facebook is the top social networking website today. Your personal and confidential data may be compromised on facebook if you do not use appropriate security measures for it. Read this simple guide on how to make a facebook account more secure. It may be helpful to secure your facebo...
This question comes in the mind of most people - How does a car engine works? You will get to know about it after reading this simple theory of the working of a car engine.
A person who has to face injustice in the world, feels frustrated. This frustration creates the feeling of revenge in him. This revenge makes him to apply negative ways to give double pain to the oponent.
World,s most popular micro blogging website twitter has completed their initial public offerings filing. They have described twitter,s total monthly and daily users, revenue, policies and a few of twitter,s insights in it.
Wikinut is an advertisement revenue sharing website. People write articles on wikinut and wikinut pays money equal to half of the ad revenue of the ads displayed on them. Here is a brief guide on how to make money at wikinut.
Thermodynamics is a very important branch of science. It has significantly helped in advancement of science. Most basic law of thermodynamics is the first law of thermodynamics.
There is a long race for peace of mind and everyone wants to achieve it. The one who tries the slow and steady way, can easily win in the race for peace of mind.
Internet has affected all aspects of our life. Business world is no exception in this case. Here are a few application of internet in business world.
Friction is one of the most active forces of nature. In this page, there is a brief explanation of reasons, merits and demerits of friction.
A brief discussion about the relative comfort of marraige and bachelor life. Which one is better?
We are human beings and we know the difference between a good and a bad thing. That is the reason for we are better than other species on earth. But how do we come to know if a person is good or bad for us. Here is a simple terminology on how do we calculate that someone is in our fav...
Cricket is an international sports. Every year hundreds of matches are played, here is a brief introduction of the game cricket.
Twitter is micro blogging and a social networking website. It has contributed a lot in the globalisation all around, which is very important for the evolution.
Many people finds the spams a big headache as the spams fill their inbox with a huge amount of useless emails. This article may be helpful for them
A few tips which may be helpful for a person suffering from depression.
All of us have to face problems and when we face a problem, we remind the lord and share our problem with him in ourself. There are a few possible reasons behind it.
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