Fairy S Jacob

Fairy S Jacob
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I,Fairy, love writing poetry,and here i joined to post my very first poem.
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we all are the runners in the life's track ,,some staggers ,some falls,some fail to keep the pace,,this is all because we wander away from the track and sink in the applaud and when we begin to collapse the flashback flashes before us and then we lags and get the pace. Temptation is t...
most of the times we can't understand why people are behaving like this? I just wrote my experience and so my loud thinking
the most and furious attacks of Anger , on which sometimes we swell in proud that I made it through my shouting or through violent bad words, but actually WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO GET ANGRY OVER ANYONE.
this I dedicate to all those children who starve for their mother's loving touch, for their mothers are too busy making palace for their child but blind to see that their child longs a hut full of their mother's love! Are you mothers aware of that?
its all about the 'feel' which mends the wall between the one and one...between humans...
I have penned down my search of selfless love in the verses...
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