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dj sinha
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i'm just a simple guy,engg stdnt from iem.for ur info m just a beginner in writing skills,thought of sharing it wid all u guys out there!!my writing will basically focus on relationships,love,passion.
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Here are a few simple precautions to safeguard your gadgets and remain stress-free.Take a look,hope you find it useful in your life!
Dedicated to my love,whom i shall never love for her will never die.
This year's WBJEE candidates will be admitted to the colleges even if they don't qualify it.This step by the West Bengal government has drawn extreme criticisms.What do you think?Is it a curse or a boon in disguise?Read this to know more!
Will the world really end on 2012?what are UFO's?Here's a logical explanation by a tibetan monk,read this to know what will really happen on that very day!Further read to learn from this monk!
dedicated to my school-life romance,now,we don't have any contacts.she is now settled at delhi,studying e.hons. at miranda college...miss you dear very much!!<3 <3
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