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The love for women varies from Mr A to B, because the way i perceive a woman to be beautiful may not appear same to you. This is simply because woman has so much virtuous make in one, so you have a choice whether her beauty, character, or the others
many marriages has not been able to survive in the last decades because of uncontrolled anger that exist in the homes
Many people today do not know that they have in and around them, and they seek for power else where. Every day we read one book or the other and you get knowledge, that is good enough because information is power.
In my country, and particularly my state (Edo state), if you are not counted among the rich and affluent then success can not be associated with your name as people will not want to associate with as such you are tagged as orphan even while you still have both parents.So people from ...
this article is centered on uncontrolled anger as it affects your marriage relationship and indeed your home.If you couple do not learn to tolerate each other it could lead to the breakup of the long nurtured relationship.Be wise and allow patience to rule over your relationship so th...
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