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Hi! Basically I am a housewife but doing full time online job. I love writing content for blogs.I love writing on business,beauty, health,insurance/finance and food.
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These days nothing going well with some writing sites so writers are worried and wondering where to stay for consistent earnings.
I was struggling to earn a nice amount online from last one year. My search gave a satisfactory result when I found fanbox.
If you love to create and share videos then there is a great opportunity for you to earn uploading videos, they will pay you up to $50 or even $100 for one video you upload.
How I achieved my set goal for this financial year and who helped me to achieve this.
One month back I joined a business and now I am facing problem in making payment of loan interest. I made this post for the purpose of getting advice from my friends like you...Hope I'll help me.
Writing in many ways is a creative and satisfying medium for me but sometimes I struggle to find ideas to write on. It happens now and then to me.
Fish is low protein high fat diet that provides a range of health benefits. It is amazing source of omega 3 Fatty acids that is good for healthy heart. Eating fish once or twice in a week regularly reduces the risk of diseases ranges from asthma to prostate cancer.
Some people love cats and like to keep them as a pet in their homes while some dislikes them because they thought cats are inauspicious.
Today life is more stressful rather than before, since we are living in a competitive world. We can’t avoid this so it will be butter to learn balancing our emotions. We all have to deal with many people, relations and situations every day.
Stress is a common problem in a modern society these days. Reason of stress either could be external circumstances or just perceptions of the person facing stress.
I saw these days’ children like to spend their time with gadgets but it harms our kids in a long run. It not only harms their health but also restrict the development of social skills in them.
A very important aspect of my life is spirituality. My family is spiritual especially my grandparents and my dad. I learned so many things about family and spirituality from my dad.
I love to learn new things in my life. It’s like a fresh breeze for me and fills me with enthusiasm. I always try to improve myself and my work whether it is online or offline work.
Everybody is busy in following dreams and achieving their goals in this fast paced world. Sometimes we forget to enjoy or ignore small moments of happiness.
Blogging is really very interesting and fascinating field.Every person have their unique quality and can choose niche of blogging according to their interest.Here are few blogging niche which appeals me.
Healthy and Tasty Breakfast For Kids! Very popular in different regions of India.
I encountered with a new online business opportunity that is promising monthly earning to you if you fulfill their criteria.
If you’re trying to drop a few pounds, don’t start off by trying to overhaul all your eating and exercise habits. You’re better off finding several simple things you can do on a daily basis, along with following the cardinal rules of eating more vegetables and less fat and getti...
We are living in the globalized world. Here everybody is facing stress and competition. Which somewhere results in unhappiness and loneliness. Not only this is the reason of unhappiness and loneliness, there are so many other reasons differ from person to person. But the fact is, so m...
Gurgaon is situated in southern part of Haryana. Historical connection of this city is that it is the birthplace of guru Dronacharya, a famous personality from epic mahabharat. It is one of the most expensive and commercialized city of India.I love this hot and happening place, it is ...
Blogging is a "Hottest way of Money Making" and also a great way of expressing yourself or your knowledge.By using your knowledge and some quality time, you can monetize your blog.Although it is not an over night getting rich process.
What makes wikinut more interesting and fascinating than personal blogging,opportunity to make money or to be socialize here???
Happiness! It is a mental/emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions and very important for our mental/emotional health. Sometimes it feels nothing is going right, everything seems out of our control. But it just a phase of our life we have to underst...
What is selfishness?Does only our politicians are selfish?We should think about it.Economy of our country does not depends only on moves of our politicians, we also are responsible for it.
Girl child is God's precious gift.But In our society she faces a lot of problems because of gender discrimination.
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